10 Methods To Get Rid Of The Odor Of Weed Smoke


Whether you’re a newbie to smoking weed or a veteran of many a sesh, you’ve no doubt asked yourself the following question:

How to get rid of the smell of weed?

This has always been a question that stirs considerable debate, especially since weed smokers have traditionally been forced to smoke weed surreptitiously to avoid the authorities, parents, teachers, and others who would put a damper on an otherwise great sesh.

In fact, it used to a badge of honor to smoke weed in the shadows or to take a quick toke before getting caught. But times are changing.

These days, the smell of weed doesn’t draw the stares and looks of disapproval that it once did. As legislation of cannabis spreads throughout the country, cannabis enthusiasts don’t worry as much about how to hide the smell of weed.

However, the smell of weed is pungent and the smell of weed smoke tough to eliminate – and because not a lot of employers have hopped on the weed acceptance wagon, and there are still millions of people who still don’t like weed or its smell, the search for the answer of how to eliminate weed odor still continues.

There are two questions to consider regarding the smell of weed:


Beth Edmonds