$ 13.99 / oz for Premium Hemp Flower Smalls


Looking for the best deals on small hemp flowers? This week, Arete is giving away Ounces of Mid-Shelf Flowers for just $ 13.99 an ounce. This is an amazing price for such popular strains. If you want to stock up on quality buds, look no further.

*** UPDATE: The following strains are being sold for this week only $ 13.99 / oz on hemp flowers smalls, an amazing price for such a high quality!

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Premium Hemp Flower Smalls – Only $ 13.99 / oz:

Bubba Kush – A great chill-out flower

Bubba Kush – A great chill-out flower

A real classic – Bubba Kush is a hugely popular indica strain in both the cannabis and marijuana markets. It’s a true indica with a sweet, herbaceous, earthy taste. Don’t be fooled by the low price, these outdoor grown buds really scream “premium”. With around 18 percent CBD, you will certainly get your money’s worth with this variety.

Beautiful, dense, dark green buds that are visually appealing as well as potent and tasty. Currently as part of this week’s promotion, you can get it for as low as $ 13.99 / oz when choosing smalls / minis.

Check out what people are saying about this strain:

“As I’ve always said, Bubba Kush is one of my top favorites alongside Stargazer. Could never go wrong with this strain ”“ Great for anxiety and depression…. Relaxation and mood enhancement…. One of my favorite varieties … “” Fast delivery Great taste .. my favorite is the Bubba Kush that I have just ordered so far. “” No doubt great flowers love the taste and the smell effects are gentle and relaxingly great 😁 ”

TIP: Choose Smalls / Minis for only $ 13.99 / oz.

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Spectrum Kush – Very strong INDICA

Spectrum Kush - INDICA Spectrum Kush – INDICA

With 16.5% CBDa and only 0.09% Delta 9 THC, this is a very promising strain. Sold this week for only $ 13.99 / oz on Smalls this is a must have for any indica lover. This sour, savory, and cheese flower will ease your pain after a stressful day.

If you smoke it, expect it very strong indica effects with a warm, noticeable head effect. Perfect for chill and relax.

Check out what people are saying about this strain:

“That is top quality. I am SUPER impressed. This is the Rolls Royce from Hemp. Well done! ”“ That is my goal at any time of the day! Doesn’t make me fall asleep like stargazing, but calms, relaxes and instantly removes fear! The effects are relaxing and calming, which is what one would expect from an indica dominant. Great for anxiety, pain management or to switch off after a long day. ”“ I’ve been smoking for 35 years, I have to say the Spectrum Kush is a must. The overall taste is very good, the smell is top notch, and the overall feel of this strain is great.

TIP: Choose Smalls / Minis for only $ 13.99 / oz.

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G1 Kush – Potent with a great nose

These strong variety is grown outdoors in beautiful, natural sunlight and contains a little over 16 percent CBD. The sour, hearty, gaseous taste of it sativa-dominant hybrid Stress holds people back for more.

This weekend will be offered for ounces only $ 13.99 / oz (for small hemp flowers) – get yours while stocks last!

Check out what people are saying about this strain:

“From a man who has tried many different hemp flower products. This product exceeded my expectations by far. ”“ One of my five most popular strains… .. Relieves pain and definitely keeps my anxiety at bay… ”“ This is by far my favorite strain in the budget collection. Very reassuring! Great for anxiety and panic attacks !! I’ve tried many different strains, this is my choice for my bad days. ”“ G1 is a great flower. Great nose and great affects. All in all a great purchase, especially for the price ”

TIP: Choose Smalls / Minis for only $ 13.99 / oz.

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Sauerhub – SATIVA – Vvery strong uplifting effect

Sour Lifter - SATIVA - $ 13.99 / oz on Hemp Flower SmallsSauerhub – SATIVA

This beautiful purple flower has one very strong uplifting effect, ideal for any time of day. Smells like diesel and tastes berry and spicy, this sativa-dominant flower is rich in CBDa, with a total of cannabinods from 23.8%.

This weekend there is this flower for only $ 13.99 / ozif you choose Smalls / Minis.

Check out what people are saying about this strain:

“Smoked all Easter Sunday. Made my Easter SO MUCH BETTER. A really good sativa. ”“ One of my favorite budget strains! Is calming but still motivated and active. Great for any time of the day ”“ Fantastic burn taste and smell. My fear is pushed aside and it’s a smooth sailing. The number of seizures has decreased and my energy level has increased… “” Perfect wake-n-bake strain lol gives relaxing focus and energy to get me off my bum lol ”

TIP: Choose Smalls / Minis for only $ 13.99 / oz. This is a great price for premium hemp flower.

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Stargazer – For a perfect evening

Stargazer - For a Perfect Evening - $ 13.99 / oz on Hemp Flower SmallsStargazer – For a perfect evening

Stargazer is an incredible outdoor strain with ridiculously high levels of CBD – just over 23 percent! A strong indica With a bold mix of sweet, pine, and earthy flavors, this budget-friendly strain really doesn’t feel like it’s off the budget shelf.

For a hemp flower variety, it really has a calming effect. The ultimate strain for relaxing.This weekend there is this flower for only $ 13.99 / oz on hemp flower smalls.

Check out what people are saying about this strain:

“Excellent get the little oz smokes great taste and smell to the point. You will not be disappointed!!” “I wasn’t sure what to expect as I usually buy CBD from a local store, but that was BOMB. Love it. And loved the free sample I received. Will be a returning customer. “” This strain is a great way between full THC and mostly CBD. Heavy sedative that is great for relaxing at night and still keeps your head clear. ”“ Amazing quality flower. Great buzz and really helps with my pain. 10/10 would definitely recommend! ”

TIP: Choose Smalls / Minis for only $ 13.99 / oz.

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