15 Cannabis Strains That Will Take Pride This Year


Pride Month celebrations and allies across the country have more freedom in choosing legal cannabis – in fact, several laboratory-tested strains – than ever before.

The US has 18 legalized states and 65% of the country supports a consenting adult’s freedom to go to a well-regulated store and buy weed.

The question now is, which weed exactly should you smoke for Pride Month, our nation’s annual nod to equal sexual orientation rights?

First and foremost, various effects have to be taken into account, but aromas also have to resonate. Then there’s who grows and sells it. Here the queer cannabis community and supporters have been talking about 15 strains of cannabis to take Pride this month.

Model Princess Cyberspace needs a relight together in this photo by Carly Foulkes.  (Courtesy of Steinstrasse)The joint sale of Stone Road this month will help rescue LGBTQ defendants. Photo of Princess Cyberspace by Carly Foulkes. (Courtesy of Steinstrasse)

Marching, cycling, riding all day

Gay rights and weed legalization have been inextricably linked since the late 1960s. Pride is held in June to commemorate the Stonewall Riots from June 28 to July 3, 1969.

“Pride is both a jubilant celebration of visibility and a personal celebration of self-worth and dignity,” said the White House on June 1 in honor of the month of parades, parties and reflection on equality.


Is Weed Gay ?: A Condensed Cultural History

You can always keep Pride pairings simple – wide, effects-based, pre-made joints in sativa or hybrid are in season this June, from San Francisco to Bangor, Maine. For example:

Proof prerolls offer uplifting sativa sticks from ‘queer-to-table’ Windy farms of Mendocino County, CA. Founded by women, led by queers Little kiss Also sells sativa or hybrid prerolls. You help pharmacy buyers who don’t know a certain variety, Besito founder Maggie Connors.

“I don’t know if consumers will think in these categories forever,” said Connors. “But it helps to direct the experience and the desired end state.”

As with other daytime strains that mate with pride, the spiciness is sweet, powerful Red Congolese. For sativa hybrids, look for well-balanced, fun blackjack sold by California-owned SPARC.

For more centered hybrids, SPARC has the fresh, best-selling Blue Dream, and they know their stuff. SPARC founder Erich Pearson has run the company with empathy for 20 years, giving cannabis to end-stage AIDS patients.

Over in Maine, Instagram stars Lee and Sue at @ 420oldfatlesbians gave the tropical, citrusy guava tangie a special call from Leafly on the day.

Celebrate and vibrate into the night

When day turns into night, you’ll want to relax without passing out, which means it’s time for a chilled-out hybrid.

For example, OG Kushes and family are what people want to feel at this time of the day.

David Goldman, leader of the Brownie Mary Democratic Club of San Francisco, agrees – you can’t have Pride without OGs. He’s celebrating this month with Cypress OG, “a classic Kush experience not to be missed”.

SPARC has an Alien OG that “flies off the shelves,” said Connors of Besito. SPARC announced the acquisition of Besito on June 2nd.

“This Alien OG is great,” she said.

OG’s cousin, Diesels will get you there too. In particular, the Maui Diesel from Northern Emeralds has classic diesel power with a gentle, tropical top note.

A macro photo of Maui Diesel from Northern Emeralds combines tropical fruits and gasoline.  Vroom.  (David Downs / Leafly)Northern Emeralds’ Maui Diesel combines tropical fruits and gasoline. Vroom. (David Downs / Leafly)

Maggie is all about that. Besito is selling a Diesel parent Chemdog which is great for June. Maggie also breeds her own Diesel offspring, Original Glue, called Margarita’s Reserve by the staff.

“We love a small indica-dominant strain that relaxes us in creative brainstorming sessions on the couch in the afternoons – what we call high-deas,” said Connors.

For the after party, OG-Grandson combines powerful, spicy slurricane Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch.

For the after-after party, break out the cookies and cakes – they’re tasty and soothing.

The wedding cake approved by Lee and Sue ranks first for Leafly variety traffic in several states. (A 2020 study published in LGBT Health magazine found that LGBTQIA smokers more weed than straight people – 11% of gays said they burned daily, compared with 4% of straight people.)

Stone Road has a Bling Cake (Bling X Wedding Cake) that uses 10% of the proceeds from the LGBTQ Freedom Fund to save the defendants.

A photo of 5 small bling cake joints next to a pretty Stone Road box.  (Courtesy of Steinstrasse)Bling cake. (Courtesy of Steinstrasse)

In San Francisco, Goldman and his partner Michael toast with Runtz Cake, a fateful cross between Runtz and Wedding Cake. Goldman loves its “wonderfully relaxing effect without any harshness. Ideal for evening use when you relax after a long day. “

As for cookies, SPARC Farms offers biodynamic GMO cookies, while Sonoma Hills Farm offers Double Rainbow (a kind of Sunset Sherbert), with a portion of the proceeds going to the SF Queer Nightlife Fund.

“I’ve seen GMOs burst all year,” Connors said. “I think it’s a classic and this year people kind of want to switch off at the end of the party. And it has it all. “

Stone Road's minis turned out to be flavorful, elegant, and great to share.  Photo by Anderson Martinez for Stone Road.  (Courtesy of Steinstrasse)Stone Road’s minis turned out to be flavorful, elegant, and great to share. Photo by Anderson Martinez for Stone Road. (Courtesy of Steinstrasse)

The White House stated, “Pride is a time to remember the trials that have gone through the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities and to rejoice in the triumph of groundbreaking people who fought bravely – and on fight – for full equality. “

In other words, every month offers opportunities to better perfect our Union as a nation. Queer cannabis is work year round – so can you.

David Downs

David Downs heads Leafly.com’s news and lifestyle coverage as California Bureau Chief. He has written for WIRED, Rolling Stone and Billboard and is the former cannabis editor of the San Francisco Chronicle and author of several cannabis books including “Marijuana Harvest” by Ed Rosenthal and David Downs. He is the co-host of The Hash podcast. TW: @davidrdowns | IG @daviddowns

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