200,000 marijuana sufferers in PA


Sometime this past week, Pennsylvania hit 200,000 medical marijuana card holders approved by doctors to buy cannabis from pharmacies. The number has doubled since March this year and continues to rise rapidly.

Anxiety disorders became a recognized disease last summer. Patients with a history of these conditions could since then be approved if they have records showing they saw a therapist for it or are taking anxiety medication. Marijuana is a safer alternative than drugs like Xanex or Ativan, which are much more addicting and create physical dependence.

Patients in Pennsylvania can be admitted to clinics such as Nature’s Way Medicine, where doctors specialize in the treatment of medical marijuana. All that is required is records showing that they are in a qualified condition, usually from another medical office or a psychologist. This website has a list of the diseases with information on how marijuana deals with them. Follow-up patients in need of a card renewal do not need any records if they brought them to their original consultation a year earlier.


Beth Edmonds