2020 Vacation Present Information: Proper Strikes


Our Proper Puffs contain the best gifts between $ 50 and $ 100 to give to yourself or the stoner you love most. With options to carry in your pocket or conveniently keep around the house, these items are too good to miss out on at Puff Puff Pass.

Ship compass

$ 59

The marine compass is small yet powerful with a high capacity battery and a sleek design that everyone would happily call their own.

Leafly staff love this handy vapor, how long it stays charged, its three different temperature settings and color options to suit a range of personal styles. 510 cartridge lovers will appreciate this device for years.

Terp chiller

$ 60

Help your favorite hash dog protect their terps with the Terp Chiller – a (literally) cool case that protects the quality and taste of your cannabis products.

With a nylon cover, custom-made ice packs, an insulated inner chamber and a combination lock, Terp Chillers are ideal for on the go and on the go, who appreciate terpenes like their delicacies.

Donation for the last prisoner project

$ – $$$$

Every time we hit a legal pre-roll, we’re reminded that the Last Prisoner Project’s fight is our fight, too.

A donation helps fund gutting, grace, and reentry to rebuild unjustifiably broken lives. It also supports legal aid and scholarship programs for those who are still in prison.

Note: The final prisoner project is a 501 (c) 3.

Pax Era Pro

$ 70

We’d ditch the mic for the Pax Era Pro if we could. It is so good.

This cannabis oil vaporizer makes sipping your favorite concentrates a simple but delightful affair – it delivers vapor at temperatures recommended by the extractor. The Pax Era Pro also has PodID so consumers can instantly access safety information about the concentrates they have selected.

Give it to anyone who hesitates that vaping can be safe and enjoyable and order one for yourself as well.

GRAV Rain Bubbler

$ 80

The GRAV Rain Bubbler is a breath of fresh air. The sleek design is a delightful change from more angular parts, which are difficult to clean and don’t blend in nearly as seamlessly with your decor.

Your reserved friends will enjoy that this bubbler can sit on their bookshelf every day without drawing too much attention to their rocky paths.

G-Pen Dash

$ 70

G-Pen rarely misses and they did not disappoint with the G-Pen Dash.

This ergonomic vaporizer for dry herbs has three different temperature settings and haptic feedback that knows when you have it in your hand.

If you have friends or relatives who always love to come up with a little flower, this is the gift! No device makes smoking herbs easier or more discreet.

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