2020 Vacation Reward Information: Deluxe Rips


Our deluxe ribs are not for the faint of heart, but sometimes you have to go big or go home. And to be honest, we were in the house all year round.

This section of the Leafly 2020 Holiday Gift Guide has stunning gifts for every stoner. Just trust us.

Air duo air purifier

$ 149

The aroma of cannabis is wonderful, but it’s also quite noticeable.

The LUFT Duo is a tiny powerful air purifier with rave reviews from Leafly employees. The LUFT Duo is perfect for anyone looking to get rid of the smell of sticky, smelly nugs or their latest hotbox session.

Bello Vapor Tap vaporizer

$ 380

Not sure what to get for the classiest cannasseur you know? Now you do. The Bello Vapor Tap is class in a glass.

This vaporizer comes with two steam glasses that you can top up, sip, and swirl at home for a whole new kind of happy hour. Bello supplies two dishwasher-safe glasses with a tap, so anyone who receives this gift can definitely stay stylish and hygienic.

Get involved in the gutting of cannabis


Prison is ridiculous enough, but carrying weeds shouldn’t bring you a death sentence. Those who are in custody are at a higher risk of COVID-19, among other things.

The Last Prisoner Project makes it easy for you to advocate cannabis ditching from the comfort of your favorite smoking chair – including scripts for calling local officials and petitions to sign. Give the gift of getting involved this holiday season.

Summerland Land Yacht Bong

$ 275

Anyone with over 500 followers knows that you can’t just do it for the gram – you really have to care about this life to get the perfect shot.

The vibrant Summerland bong will look perfect in the foreground or background of any minimalist aesthetic, but your bohemian friends may be delighted too. Good luck deciding who will get this sleek but whimsical bong.

Storz & Bickel Crafty + vaporizer

$ 279

Storz & Bickel are iconic creators of cannabis accessories and have kept pace with tradition in developing the Crafty +.

Give this battery powered flower vaporizer to anyone you know who loves a clean hit of their favorite herb anytime of the day. The durable handheld device can make them say goodbye to wraps and papers.

Mobius Matrix NUC bubbler

$ 340

Hubba Hubba! The Mobius Matrix NUC is a beautiful bubbler that any cannabis user would be proud of.

With a bowl small enough for you to still taste your terps, the NUC delivers smooth, tasty puffs thanks to a 66-hole matrix perk that spreads the goods out. The question becomes, do you have friends who don’t want to meet this.

Mini Nail complete e-nail kit

300 dollars

The mini nail is sure to offer a dabber you know with a great return on your investment.

The complete quartz kit contains everything you need to dab all day or give a family member a little gift that will leave a big smile on their face. At just 5 ounces, it’s a banger kit that travels well and … straight out pops.

Arizer Extreme Q.

$ 170

The Arizer Extreme Q is a budget-friendly desktop vaporizer that will blow Leafly employees away. With a remote control, ceramic heating element, and adjustable shut-off timer, it’s the perfect gift for a straightforward friend or family member who loves to breathe in big clouds and enjoy the ride.

As an added bonus, the Extreme Q can also be used for aromatherapy. Can you say potpourri

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