2020 Vacation Reward Information: Stocking Sesh


The holidays are here and we know you are ready to treat yourself and others. This section of the Leafly 2020 Holiday Gift Guide is full of gift items that are perfect for the friends you can’t hang out with or for the family members you know they love cannabis at rock bottom.

And at $ 50 or less, you won’t break the bank and spread a little vacation joy.

Mini plate supports

$ 9

Swab. So fun, but so messy. No longer.

These easy-to-clean MiniNail Slab Pads keep your swab station from turning into a sticky disaster after a fun time with your favorite rig.

With two different sizes, you will find the right plate pad for your side table, bedside table or anywhere you want to set it up and dab it.

Smoke & Petals Puzzle

$ 36

Broccoli magazine and Pieceworks have teamed up to create this stunning Smoke & Petals puzzle that is sure to delight many stoners this holiday season.

Yes, those flowers are smoking joints, and yes, your best friend wants this gift.

A letter to someone jailed for a cannabis crime

$ 0

Good people (just like you) are jailed for victimless cannabis crimes, which in many cases are no longer crimes.


You can help free America’s cannabis prisoners. Here is how

The Last Prisoner Project Prisoner Directory includes biographies, how to write them and where to send them. You can give a little light to someone in prison. It will only take you a few minutes.

Tanjun Pipe

$ 48

A collection of brightly colored glass Tanjun pipes

Choosing the right pipe is a matter of both aesthetics and airflow. Laundry Day’s glass tanjun pipe activates both boxes.

These beautiful pieces come in six different colors and also serve as incense holders. What is there not to love?

The Wild Goodness: A Psilocybin Odyssey

$ 20

Experience your mushroom supply and imagination with The Wild Kindness: A Psilocybin Odyssey – a pro psilocybin reminder.

Support independent booksellers and get your copy of this funky story about a woman and the lessons she learns in life.

RE: storage jar

$ 17

These light-tight, child-resistant storage jars from Mason-re are the best place for your damp weed when you’re not smoking it. Complete with jar, lid and koozie – the idea is simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a genius.

To make it even better, the lid is made from recycled agricultural waste and hemp fiber. This means that you are saving the world while protecting your taste and aromas.

Bee line hemp wicks

$ 1.99

Butane lighters can absolutely torch the terps in your flower, leaving you with a taste you won’t recognize.

Bee Line’s hemp wicks are made from organic hemp and organic beeswax and offer you a lower temperature flame that is better for your lungs and palate.

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