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The Best CBD Treats For Dog Anxiety

Nov 27

CBD has been proven to help treat dog anxiety.  However with so many of these types of products being released on the market, it is difficult to know which ones actual work and which companies are trying to sell snake oil, or in this case – dog oil.

We have been testing many of these as an alternative to dogs anxiety medication for the last 3 months.  The clear winner of our internal testing is a CBD dog treat called Buddie’s Bites and have been awarded our Best New Dog Supplement for 2021.

The main factors for awarding this to Buddie’s Bites are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Non GMO
  • Only 7 total natural ingredients
  • Detailed lab analysis showing they contain no THC; fillers or other ingredients which may be harmful to your dog
  • They state that their dog treats can calm a dog’s anxiety in less than 27 minutes. In our testing we saw several cases where it had a positive impact in under 10 minutes
  • 30 day product performance guarantee


Dogs, like humans, tend to suffer from anxiety. It can be hard to see our loyal and friendly companions develop anxiety, and owners have often struggled with dealing with their dogs’ anxiety. This is precisely where Buddies Bites steps in with its phenomenal anxiety-relieving treats, the best of its kind that you can get for your dog. If you’re looking to help alleviate your dogs’ anxiety, this is the perfect CBD treat to get. Anxiety can have profound negative implications on the quality of life of your dog, which is why it’s essential to treat it and help your dog navigate easily through its environment – no matter how stressful it may be.

Many dog owners struggle with the daily burden of their dog’s anxiety, which can be a heartbreaking experience. It often leaves them wondering if there’s anything they can do to help their beautiful canines, and there most definitely is.

Buddies Bites are perhaps the best magical healing treats for your dog in the market right now—no needles, no operations, no hard time getting your dog to take them. The artisan baked snack with seven non-GMO and natural ingredients helps you prepare for the vet, fireworks, or extended periods of having to leave your dog alone. These treats supplement and enhance the management of daily stressors or triggers for the dog, making their daily routines far less anxiety-inducing and all the more comfortable.

In our testing we were actually able to replace anxiety prescription medication such as Prozax and Trazodone with Buddies Bites.  We always recommend that if you can remove prescription medication from your dog and replace with an all natural product you should seriously consider so.

The different forms of dog anxiety you should look out for

You might be wondering what types of anxiety your dog might go through and how Buddies Bites treat are the best solution for dealing with them. Dogs can suffer from three main types of stress. Firstly, fear anxiety that’s a consequence of Thunder, fireworks, or generally loud events or disturbances. These sudden events or disturbances are prevalent forms of stressors for most dogs, and unfortunately, dog owners have little to no control over these triggers. Secondly, separation anxiety since our dogs are very attached to us and grow anxious as we leave them for extended periods. If you’re going for a long day of work, or maybe over the weekend, your dog can grow anxious as time progresses due to its profound attachment with you. Your absence is a sudden change in their environment, which they have a hard time dealing with often and, as a result, develop separation anxiety. Thirdly, age anxiety is a result of a dog simply growing old and more anxious alongside that.

Fortunately, Buddies Bites are the best way to effectively and quickly relieve either of these types of anxiety in under 26 minutes. So, if your dog is going through anxious episode, give it Buddies Bites as needed and watch them enjoy the treat and feel relaxed just moments after. This is one reason why Buddies Bites is considered one of the best CBD dogs treats dog owners can get to deal with their dogs’ anxiety issues. You don’t need to constantly be worried for your dog in case of a storm, firework celebration, or if you have to leave your house for a while.

What exactly are Buddies Bites?

The bites contain CBD, a natural compound from hemp, and can provide fast relief from anxiety and its symptoms for your dogs – all with no unwanted side effects whatsoever. Of course, Buddies Bites are entirely safe for dogs’ consumption and will not get them “high.” Your dog is simply going to stop being over-worked and will calm down, behaving as it would commonly in a relaxed environment.

The non-GMO ingredients and CBD used are incredibly high quality and guarantee that your dog will love this tasty and healthy treat while also finding relief in its effects. It’s becoming more and more critical every day to make sure we cater to our dogs’ peace of mind and well-being, which is why Buddies Bites is the best solution to looking after our excellent little companions. CBD has a range of benefits for the general well-being of our beloved canines, which is why there are so many CBD dog treats in the market recently. However, it’s essential to pick the most suitable option and the one that is the best for your dog’s anxiety and calm it down.

This is why Buddies Bites stands out

Why is this product the best? Several reasons add up to make this statement true. Most importantly, Buddy Bites has swift action in dogs; you can start to see the effects of the CBD treat in just under 26 minutes, which makes it very efficient for urgent needs. Some treats take a longer time to act on the dog’s anxiety which makes them less suitable for daily necessities and critical requirements, and this is why Buddies Bites is among the best when it comes to quick relief. Just take a treat according to the needs and give it to your dog, then watch your furry friend gradually relieve themselves of their anxiety.

Furthermore, there are no harmful ingredients, additives, or fillers in Buddy Bites treats – which is why they stand out as the best natural anxiety-relieving treat for dogs. Dog treats must be safe and healthy to ensure the dogs’ health and well-being are not compromised; we all want our dogs to have the safest and healthiest possible treats. The natural ingredients provide that your dog has an entirely healthy treat without any unwanted side effects. Therefore, you can rest assured that these CBD treats won’t have any adverse impacts on your dog’s physical health or digestion. Buddies Bite sources and manufactures the treats entirely in the US – which means you can have complete faith in their quality.

Veterinarians must have a say in making this CBD treats, which is why Buddy Bites veterinarian designed and developed, making sure that the right people have created this incredible and fast-acting treat. Their expertise is essential in making a treat that is best-suited for canines and helps them reduce anxiety, and it is also necessary to make a treat that all dog owners can trust. Who knows a dog better than a vet?

Buddies Bites is our Best of the Best to help your dog’s anxiety

Conventional ways of dealing with your dog’s anxiety may not always work. Sometimes people try to cover their dogs’ eyes or ears to limit their sensory intake in the hopes of calming them down; however, it isn’t always practical. Dogs can be regularly frightened by elements in their environments, such as thunderstorms, fireworks, or even sudden changes in the background (such as you leaving them for more extended periods or taking them to new places). It becomes essential for you to adapt to their behavior and provide them with relief, and since conventional techniques just don’t cut it – buddy bites are perfect for helping you deal with your dogs’ anxiety.

Some dog owners might choose to use toys or other items their dogs can play to help calm them down. However, it’s important to note that these toys distract your dog, and your dog can still feel stressed and anxious using them. These toys can be helpful in many situations. Still, they don’t have as intense an effect in assisting the dog in managing its stressors, triggers and navigating smoothly through its environment. This is a reason why Buddies Bites are the best option amongst anxiety-relieving products for dogs to help you deal with your dog and their anxiety hassle-free in a short amount of time. The quick action and tasty treat mean that you don’t need to worry about your dog constantly feeling stressed and anxious; sit back and watch them relax with their charms. The natural selection and sourcing of ingredients further help Buddies Bites stand out as one of the best anxiety-relieving products for your dog compared to other goodies.

Another reason why you can trust Buddies Bites is due to their 100% satisfaction guarantee. That means that if you don’t see results in your dog within 30 days after using the treats, you can get a full refund. It’s worth trying to use these treats to help your dog deal with anxiety as there’s absolutely no risk for you – just a healthier and happier dog.


All in all, if you have a difficult time dealing with your dogs’ anxious behaviors and are often worried about them during potentially triggering events – Buddies Bites is an essential item for you to have. Many people have tried the product, and it has proven effective in helping dogs relieve their anxiety. There aren’t many other phenomenal options when it comes to CBD treats for your dogs, and you can rest assured that the treats will work like magic for your dog. All of the factors mentioned earlier, and the satisfaction of people who have used the product indicate that Buddies Bites is one of the best CBD treats you can get for your dog to help relieve its anxiety.

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