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Who is Herbal Society? Learn about the Delta 8 company rising to Top

Dec 19

Delta 8-THC Sold Online - Shipped Right to Your Door

Herbal Society is a Miami - Based, Online Hemp Store, and they craft Premium Delta 8-THC Products, as well as an array of cannabinoid blends such as Delta 8-THC vaping cartridges, tinctures, dabbing products, edibles, and their featured product, Delta 8 RSO!

When did Herbal Society begin?

In February 2021, Herbal Society Founder and CEO - Eduardo Granados, began the company. He then joined forces with Gabriel Calderon - Chief Formulations Officer to create targeted therapeutics utilizing terpenes and cannabinoids. Both have an extensive history in the Medical and Recreational Cannabis Industries.

What kind of Products does Herbal Society craft and sell?

They have Delta 8-THC vaping cartridges, dabs, edibles, delta 8 RSO, and even rare cannabinoids like HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) tinctures!

Is Delta 8-THC legal?

In the USA, absolutely! The 2018 Farm Bill states that any cannabinoid that is derived from hemp and contains less than 0.3% Delta 9-THC is legal.

The goals and mission of Herbal Society

According to their About Us, 

"We believe everyone has the right to heal themselves using cannabis/hemp. Currently, dispensaries can be too expensive for some, so that's where we fill the gap! Our goal is to provide affordable, lab-testedpotent products to whoever needs them. We're always striving to reduce prices, run flash sales, and basically do everything in our power to supply these healing cannabinoids at an inclusive price. Another goal of ours is to advance the science of cannabinoid research by formulating unique products, based on rare and obscure cannabinoids. We do this for people, and the science!"

And this is true! Many people we've come across who've tried Herbal Society, have noted the affordable prices, nice and down-to-earth staff, and the humble but bold goal of making these cannabinoids inclusive. They simply want everyone to afford this medicine - how awesome is that?

In Conclusion

There are many Delta 8 companies out there, but how many are regular people who have such a good goal for the future of the industry? In the age of cannabis legalization, many big companies are coming in, and just like with Walmart wiping out the little guys, it's important to hold onto small businesses, and support them!