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What is HHC Tincture?

Dec 20

A look into HHC Tinctures.

HHC is short for Hexahydrocannabinol - it's a cannabinoid that is extracted from the pollen of the male hemp plant. Despite HHC not being a typical THC-type, it is still psychoactive. This means ingesting products derived from HHC can cause you to feel high - and the effects from HHC are a little different, with most noting its potent euphoric qualities, with the ability to sedate the body all in one go.

Tinctures are a concentrated oil product, that's convenient for both newbies and experienced users. With HHC Tinctures, you can take as little, or as much as you need. This beats edibles, in that customizing your dose makes it safer, and more cost-effective.

What does HHC look like?

It begins its life as pollen, and once it's extracted it comes out in distillate form. This oil is a thick oil - that becomes runny the more you heat it up.

How can HHC extract be used to create other types of products?

HHC Distillate is versatile, at Herbal Society for example - Hexahydrocannabinol distillate is used to craft HHC vaping cartridges, as well as HHC tinctures! That's not where it stops however, HHC can also be used to make edibles.

How will HHC Tincture make me feel?

Users have reported feelings of euphoria, sedation, and decreased anxiety. Some say it's more mellow, others state that if you consume a lot - the effects are stronger, or comparable to THC. It's important to start small whenever you're ingesting Hexahydrocannabinol.

Where can I find HHC products?

More and more companies are investing in creating HHC products, but one of the most trusted sources of HHC comes from  Herbal Society - they're an online hemp store that sells tons of different products, ranging from delta 8-THC, CBD, HHC to even CBG! You can even use CODE: Leafly - to receive 20% OFF your order at!

In conclusion

HHC Tinctures are one of MANY products harnessing the power of Hexahydrocannabinol. It's worth trying, as the future of the Cannabis Industry rests on rare and obscure cannabinoids like HHC, and many others. As time goes on, more and more research will be done on HHC, and its benefits will be more clearly seen by the world.