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Is Hemp Legal in India?

Dec 31

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You might not think of hemp and India at first, but they have a long history together. Ayurveda, which is a type of medicine in India, is where hemp comes from. Hemp is used there for many years. There's been a lot of history about hemp in India that isn’t known to many people. India has been getting stricter about hemp for more than a century, and even making it illegal at one point in the last few decades. Finally, now India is seeing a new day for hemp.

Hemp's Indian History:

Cannabis has a lengthy history in India. Most historians think that the cannabis plant is indigenous to the Central Asia subcontinent, in the Himalayan ranges from Kashmir to Nepal, and even Bhutan and Myanmar. Even now, it is thought that 60 percent of all districts of The country have wild cannabis. This plant is considered one of the five holiest by the ancient Vedic texts, dating back at least 3400 years.

Hemp is valued in India for its medicinal and nutritional properties and its fiber, which is utilized in the production of textiles. Ayurveda, a holistic therapeutic philosophy emphasizing healthy lifestyle habits and herbal medicines to promote well-being and stave off disease, has long been connected with traditional Indian hemp use. Ayurveda developed over 3000 years ago, and it meticulously characterizes distinct components of the hemp plant for a range of medicinal reasons.

Is Hemp Legal in India?

In India, the legal situation around hemp has evolved over the centuries. Despite its countless industrial applications, hemp is continuously confronted with the stigma associated with its psychoactive relative and the question of whether hemp growing in India would ultimately result in the manufacturing and trafficking of narcotics. Whether THC is present in Hemp or not is still one thing that is debatable.

It is becoming more apparent to local industries and businesses that the legal environment for hemp is improving in India. Hemp production is now permitted in Uttar Pradesh, making it the country's second state to do so after Uttarakhand. Other states, including Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, and others, are also willing to open up their markets.

Can hemp be used to build houses?

Hemp fibers are well-known for being strong and long-lasting. Therefore, it makes logical that it might be employed in the construction of many items. Many people like to use hemp because it's a good building material. It is solid, long-lasting, light-weight, and naturally high resistance to pests, mold, and even fire, so it's a good choice for a home or business. Hempcrete can also be made into various shapes to make different parts of your home.

Gaurav Dixit and Namrata Kandwal, for example, are two people who are always looking for new ways to make things. Their home is the first in India to be constructed entirely of hemp fiber. The home, which is located in the Yamkeshwar block in Uttarakhand's Pauri Garhwal district and was constructed of hemp, wood, and lime, may be found there. It was constructed near the neighborhood where Gaurav's wife, Namrata, grew up.

In Conclusion:

Hemp is becoming mainstream on a global level - and India is set to prosper from the Green Rush, and especially because of its rich history involving cannabis in their society. The future looks bright, and the potential for India to craft some of the finest Hemp products is bright.