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LEVO Oil Infuser – Terry's Natural Market, Pueblo Colorado

Aug 6

LEVO Oil Infuser – Terry's Natural Market, Pueblo Colorado

Chrissy Bellman, a college student in 2011, struggled to make infusions at home. It was messy, and left the kitchen messy. She was convinced there had an alternative. She created LEVO over the course of five years, before deciding to fund the design. Currently, you can find LEVO at more than 800 retail locations.

Levo II oil infuser

The LEVO II is an oil infuser that is able to effectively dry out and activate dried herbs and botanicals. "Activation" is the process of heating up cannabinoids. The original LEVOs were much smaller, did not have activation processes, and were more suited to culinary purposes. However, the new model is made for cannabis extractors. This unit is a great way for you to get the most value from cannabis without spending an enormous amount of money.

The LEVO II countertop oil infuser occupies less space than a traditional family rice cooker. The modern and sleek style of the LEVO II dishwasher-safe and comes in a range of contemporary colors. It can accommodate one quarter of an ounce of chopped herbs, and create as much as 19 ounces worth of oil infused. The multi-functional LEVO II can be used with any herb you have in your kitchen. It has been recognized for its effectiveness in extracting the oils of herbs due to its popularity in the cannabis community.

The LEVO II oil infuser was specifically designed to meet the requirements of both advanced and novice chefs. The LEVO II oil infuser is designed to simplify the process while maintaining precision during the infusion process. It is a technologically advanced appliance and has been through multiple versions during its five years of development. As a bonus, it also comes with an app that contains all the settings and information needed to prepare the best possible recipes.

The LEVO II oil infuser is an extremely versatile instrument that lets you create various unique herbal infusions. It's capable of incorporating countless botanicals, from parsley sage to cannabis. The LEVO II eliminates the hassle of mixing. The LEVO II can be washed in a dishwasher, which makes it easy to use. This tool for fusion can be used to make wholesome herbal blends at home.

Infuser to Levo oil

If you're searching for an excellent hemp or CBD oil infuser, look no further than Terry's Natural Market in Pueblo, Colorado. This store stocks a wide range of CBD products, such as Gummies, tinctures, lotions and many more. Their inventory has recently been upgraded, with new products added and some reduced quantities replenished. New products include Proleve Nighttime CBD and Dark Soil Isolate Tincture Tincture. The LEVO I oil infuser can also be found.

The LEVO I home oil infusion appliance is one of the most well-respected and popular brands. It is plug-and-play, and transforms botanical ingredients into oils or butters. It eliminates the need to use a hand-held device to infuse. The elegant design makes it simple to use. It is able to infuse the body with soaps, oils and dressings, as well as coffee.