23 things I miss about life before the pandemic


Cannabis is many things – medicine, recreational fun, pastime and, for many, culture.

There are intrinsic ways cannabis brings people together. This has been the case for centuries. So what if a global pandemic turns our lives upside down, gets us stuck at home, and turns our one-time social token traditions into lonely ones?

For some, the past year has meant smoking more and staying home with nothing to do. For others, it meant smoking less without a friend to share it with.

A year after COVID forced us to change some of our favorite habits, we all remember the nostalgia of the culture we love and dream of the day we can enjoy the little things again.

Closeup of young caucasian women smoking weed at home.  Focus on joint

This pays homage to that day and those little things. A day (hopefully not too far in the future) when we can meet with our neighbors and loved ones and spend our days:

1. Grab a bowl and give friends green and watch their faces light up with the momentary honor of the first new hit.

2. Sit in a circle with friends and pass around a joint. Watch him shrink every time he finds your hands again.

3. Break out the bud and wrap and discuss who is the blunt master roller in the group. That person is in charge of the job just to have it playfully judged for better or worse once it’s lit and passed around.


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4th Ride your friend’s truck late into the night to the only gas station in town that is open late to find blunt wrap. Grape or vanilla?

5. Brag about the new strain to give your buddy when you pack the bowl and chat about where you picked it up, how awesome it is, and how excited you are to share it.

6th Discuss with your friend whether the two of you should grab a bowl, roll a joint, or break out the bong for your movie night.

7th If you overestimate the size of the blob you should give your friend, giggle and apologize as he hands the rig back to you.

8th. Break out the stress you have as your other two friends break out theirs and mix them all together for a heady salad.


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9. When the smoke is done, find out who stole the lighter.

10. So get lost in conversation in the middle of the bowl that you grab another bowl, find it only half-smoked, and break open.

11. You have a reason to break out that one particular piece – you know the one.

12th Get in your friend’s car for a quick trip to the pharmacy, then happily waste an hour together trying out all of the new strains and products.

13th Get in your friend’s car to meet their contact and spend an hour with them smoking almost as much as you bought.

14th At a crowded party, search your friend to make sure they know about the joint that will be running around outside.

15th Bake lots of brownies together and then figure out how much is too much together.

16. You have a reason and motivation to clean your glass more often than last year. Don’t even try to deny it.


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17th Take a day hike with your group of friends and roll something up on the summit to take in along with the view.

18th Take your friends for a ride in the woods to spend the day with a few joints among the trees or down by the riverside.

19th Roll up together for a three-day music festival and set up a camp. If you place the chairs in a circle and the cooler in the middle, the group’s rolling station is inevitably created.

20th Play a local show with your band and enjoy some green in the green space together during your set break.

21. Get stoned with your friends and create something together – art, music, poetry or a strangely colored frog in a coloring book.


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22nd Share your vape pen with your friend outside before heading to happy hour at your favorite restaurant and enjoying 2-for-1 appetizers.

23 Getting lost in philosophical or existential conversations while being thoroughly stoned and then closing the debate by arranging a pizza delivery sounds perfect.

Weeds can do it together

Random token or not, you probably took part in sharing cannabis with a friend. Sharing and cannabis go together like peanut butter and jelly, chech and chong, and people and socialization.

A lone token is beautiful – even great! But the social aspect of sharing a joint or packing a pipe with a friend are cultural touchstones that have been part of the ritual of cannabis since people chose to smoke it.

Multicultural friends give each other a joint with weed in the blue sky on the roof

So here’s the first time you’ve had fun with a friend in a post-pandemic world. We are nearly there. Keep going! And let us know: what little cannabis rituals, traditions and habits do you miss when you share them with friends?

Rae Lland

Rae Lland is a freelance writer, journalist, and former editor for Weedist and The Leaf Online. With a focus on culture, music, health and wellness, she has been featured in numerous online cannabis publications as well as in print editions of Cannabis Now Magazine in addition to her work for Leafly. Follow her on Instagram @ rae.lland

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