3Chi Delta-8 THC Black Raspberry Gummies Review


In Japanese, the symbol “chi” stands for “life force” or “spiritual energy”, but it is most commonly translated as “flow of energy”. When it comes to your health, the flow of energy and clairvoyance is extremely important. For this reason, 3Chi has set itself the task of developing an enormous range of products with CBD, CBN, CBG and Delta-8 that can help you clear your mind, focus your thoughts and bring your daily life back into balance bring. There are so many impressive products from this brand out there, but today we’re going to be reviewing one of their Delta-8 THC products called Black Raspberry Gummies!


Personally, gums are my favorite way to take medications like vitamins and supplements because they are soft, chewy, and usually fruit-flavored. 3Chi certainly understands this mindset as their gummies come in a variety of flavors: plain, watermelon, and black raspberry. I’m a sucker for anything berry-related so naturally went for the black raspberry option.

I opted for the 16-pack gummies for a total of 400 mg of Delta-8 THC, which are available as a one-time purchase on the company website for $ 29.99. The net weight is 46 grams so it was easy to carry these rubbers in a pocket, bag, or purse. One thing to note is that on the packaging, the recommended serving size is half a gummy bear, but the website says the serving size can be either half or a whole thing. If this is your first time trying this product, you should probably start with just half a gummy bear. 3Chi does not recommend taking more than this unless advised by a doctor. When I actually tried the product, I put an entire product in my mouth, assuming the serving size was a single gummy bear. This shows the importance of reading the instructions before consuming it. I will definitely pay more attention to this in the product. However, consuming the entire gummy bear gave me a wonderfully intoxicating high. So let’s jump right into the review and check out the actual product.

Product rating

As already mentioned, 3Chis rubbers come in a small black plastic bag that holds 16 rubbers. The bag was easy to open and I peeked into the bag to see the shape and smell of the rubbers. The gummies were about the size of a starburst candy and were soft and spongy between my fingertips. I stuck my nose in the pouch to see the taste and came across a terrible plastic smell of stale oxygen. Upon checking the website, 3Chi is aware of this unpleasant smell and reassures the user with the following statement: “Don’t worry, your Delta 8 rubbers are fine! [the smell] is due to the oxygen pack doing its thing in the bag. Your gums shouldn’t pick up any of this flavor, just leave the pouch open a little and it will go away soon enough. You can also remove the oxygen pack if you wish. “

I decided to trust the company and put one of the rubbers in my mouth. I was delighted to discover that the gums were wonderfully soft and chewy, with a distinct taste of sweet black raspberry. There wasn’t a hint of hemp flavor when chewed, which surprised me as other brands sometimes have a strong hemp flavor. I noticed that there was a very slight bitter aftertaste after swallowing the gum, but it was nothing unbearable. The taste was absolutely delicious and I wanted a second one right away. However, I knew that too much Delta-8 in one session could cause undesirable side effects, so I reluctantly put the pack away. I noticed the time of my first gum was 10:31 PM and expected to feel the results within an hour. However, after an hour had passed and nothing had changed, I checked the back of the rubber packaging to see that it could take up to 4 hours to insert the rubbers. I did my best to stay up until 2:30 p.m., but sadly I fell asleep at 12:30 p.m. and didn’t experience any heady highs. Since it says on the packaging that it can take up to 4 hours to insert the rubbers, I decided to try again and take the rubbers much earlier.

My second dose was taken at 9 p.m. and I was doing other things to distract myself from waiting. Around midnight I felt the effect of the rubber and just let me say WOW. These things are powerful. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open and noticed a slight sheen of redness in my eyes, also known as rabbit eyes. I also felt a warm euphoria that lifted my senses and relaxed me wonderfully. I also noticed an increased sense of touch, especially in my fingertips and toes. There was a slight pressure on my sinuses (very gentle and not at all uncomfortable, similar to a marijuana high) and a very slight dry mouth sensation (which I quickly corrected with a sip of water). The high lasted for several hours and allowed me to sink into a relaxing sleep from which I awoke in the morning feeling refreshed. The high was deliciously smooth and made me feel euphoric and relaxed, but still allowed me to wake up to my alarm in the morning.

I understand that every user will react differently to this particular product, which is why it is very important to follow instructions but also to listen to your body. If you are sensitive to THC or you are unsure of how it will affect you, start with a small dose. Make sure you are in a safe environment and can enjoy the high for several hours without having to work or operate a vehicle / machine. Once you get used to the Delta-8 THC high, you can enjoy the effects of Delta-8 without fear or stress.

3Chi General Information

Laboratory tests

3Chi provides an extremely detailed list of the laboratory tests performed on each of their products, including their Delta-8 and non-Delta-8 products. Just click the Info tab, scroll down to the Testing tab and click either the Delta-8 or Non-Delta-8 options. You can then scroll through the different products until you find the product test you want. A few tests are listed that demonstrate 3Chi’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Hemp information

3Chi founder had 15 years of experience with hemp, so he could focus on cannabinoid research for all cannabinoids, not just THC and CBD. In September 2019, his research enabled him to create a pure version of Delta-8 THC from hemp. This enabled him to create the first federal legal form of THC-dominant products in the US, something that had never happened before due to the cannabis ban. 3Chi hemp products are made from 100% hemp, are of high quality and are laboratory tested to ensure this quality.

Product packaging

The packaging was very professional and aesthetically pleasing: gold, white and purple lettering on a black background. I loved the way the first thing on the back of the bag was how long it would take the gums to enter, which Delta-8 products usually don’t. There was also a table listing nutritional information such as serving size (½ gummy bear), calories, carbohydrates, and sugar servings. The ingredients list was clearly listed in gold letters: glucose syrup, sugar, distilled water, pectin, natural and artificial flavors and colors, citric acid and sodium citrate. There were also strict warnings not to use machines or driving, age and health restrictions, and to stay out of the reach of children. It was recommended that you take the gummies on a full stomach (or eat within 10 to 30 minutes of consuming the gum) for best results. No expiration date was given, but delta-8 THC gums usually retain their potency for up to a year.


3Chi focuses on all cannabinoids in the hemp plant, not just CBD or Delta-8 THC. The enormous product selection includes these cannabinoids as well as CBG, CBN, CBC and THCv. The variety of products includes vapes, tinctures, oils, concentrates, isolates and foods such as cookies, brownies and muesli. The 3Chi website is easy to navigate, professionally designed and offers a wealth of information with every click. Each product has a detailed description with hundreds of ratings, instructions, warnings, and effects. The time it took to create this website shows that 3Chi is ready to go beyond its customers and how dedicated 3Chi is to providing information to its customers. I was honored to just try this one product from 3Chi and take the chance to review more of their products, especially their Delta-8 brownies and cookies! I urge you to check out 3Chi for all of your hemp and cannabinoid needs, especially if this is your first time trying out Delta-8 THC products.

are some of your favorite Delta-8 products? Have you tried any of 3Chi’s Delta-8 THC products or any of the CBD products? Let us know in the comments and share your experience with the rest of us. Delta-8 is often touted as the “light” version of marijuana that offers a safe and intoxicating high, allowing the user to focus on the overall high and stay clear. If you have any questions about Delta-8 THC and its effects, check out some of the articles we’ve published on what exactly Delta-8 THC is and how it’s used. You can also email us to answer questions about Delta-8 and CBD. We are always looking for new ways to help our users understand the wonderful world of the hemp plant and all it has to offer. Check back soon as we will be uploading a rating of the Koi Delta-8 rubbers in the next few days!


Beth Edmonds