5 Greatest Medical Marijuana Pharmacies in Pennsylvania


The Pennsylvania MMJ program is one of the newest in the United States. The state’s medical cannabis legislation came into effect in May 2016, and the implementation of the program is progressing well. Medical marijuana dispensaries in Keystone State began serving PA-MMJ card holders in early 2018. New pharmacies are licensed, and more and more PA residents are enjoying the tremendous benefits of medical marijuana treatment.

In terms of openness and patient-friendliness, PA’s medical cannabis program has a high priority. It’s certainly not as laissez-fair as the most liberal MMJ states like Oregon and Oklahoma, but it’s less restrictive than many of the newest MMJ states.

Image by msqrd2 on Pixabay: MMJ is growing in popularity in Pennsylvania.

Where to Buy MMJ In Pennsylvania

You can purchase medical marijuana products from MMJ pharmacies in Pennsylvania. PA MMJ pharmacies are located across the state. Most pharmacies are located in the largest urban areas, Philadelphia and Pittsburg. Many smaller hubs also have one or two medical cannabis dispensaries.

Do PA pharmacies sell flowers?

The MMJ pharmacies in Pennsylvania sell a wide range of marijuana flowers, including indica, sativa, and hybrids. However, flowers are only sold for vaporizing. It is illegal to smoke Pennsylvania medical marijuana flowers.

In addition to flowers, Pennsylvania pharmacies also sell:

Pre-Rolls Tinctures and Liquids Oil Topicals (such as creams, ointments, and patches) pills and capsules

How much can you buy from a PA pharmacy?

There is no legal limit on how much medical marijuana you can buy from a Pennsylvania pharmacy. However, it is illegal to have MMJ in the state for more than 30 days. Many PA pharmacies have their own limit on how much of a particular product a person can buy at one time. This is to ensure that sufficient product is available for all patients.

Best Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Pennsylvania

Let’s take a look at some pharmacy options for those wondering where to buy MMJ in Pennsylvania.

1. The apothecary

This PA pharmacy has offices in Plymouth Meeting, Lancaster and Thorndale. Each branch is modern and stylish. The staff is very competent, friendly and helpful. They offer a nice selection of different varieties of flowers, tinctures, capsules and concentrates. You can shop online or use in-store, by-street, or curbside pickup options. The Apothekarium also has some great birthday specials.

2. Herbalism

Herbalism has nine offices in Pennsylvania. They offer a wide range of high quality MMJ products at competitive prices including flowers, tinctures, creams, capsules and sprays. Like all major pharmacies, Herbology is dedicated to educating its customers and providing knowledge and understanding alongside its range of medicinal cannabis products.

3. Just grown

Just Grown has offices in Dickson City and Edwardsville, just outside of Scranton. They offer high quality medical cannabis products at competitive prices. Their cannabis is grown using sustainable farming methods and they have a delicious menu with a wide variety of sativa, indica and hybrid flowers.

4th Heal

Cure has offices in Lancaster, Phoenixville and Philadelphia. The employees in each Cure branch are highly qualified MMJ experts. The offer is always varied, high quality and very affordable.

5. Rise cannabis

Rise has 13 locations across Pennsylvania. All Rise pharmacies have dedicated and knowledgeable staff. So it’s a great place to learn more about MMJ, whether you’re a new patient or have had MMJ treatment for a few years.

MMJRecs - City of PhiladelphiaImage by James Harrison on Unsplash: Philadelphia has several excellent MMJ dispensaries.

What are the requirements for an MMJ card in Pennsylvania?

The eligibility requirements for a Pennsylvania MMJ card include:

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Anxiety DisordersAutismCancerKrohn’s DiseaseCentral Nervous System DamageDyskinetic and Spastic Movement DisordersEpilepsyGlaucomaHIV / AIDSHuntington’s Disease Inflammatory Bowel DiseaseIntractable SeizuresMultiple SclerosisNeurodegenerative DiseasesNeuropathies

Can I go to a pharmacy in Pennsylvania without a card?

You cannot enter a PA pharmacy without showing a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card.

Can cardholders outside of the state purchase medical marijuana in Pennsylvania?

Non-state MMJ cardholders are not allowed to purchase medical cannabis in Pennsylvania.

How can I get a Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Card?

You can obtain a Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Card by registering on the MMJRecs Online Clinic website. The process is completely remote and you will consult your MMJ doctor in person via video chat. Once the doctor confirms that you have a qualifying medical condition, they will generate a unique MMJ recommendation that you can access through the Pennsylvania State Patient Portal. The MMJ recommendation is $ 159 and the state application fee is $ 50.

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