5 huge variations between consuming meals and smoking marijuana


If you've been anywhere near the marijuana block, you'll know how to consume the plant, which can have a big impact on your high.

While both foods and flowers contain THC, the levels they produce vary. While some enjoy a healthy mix of both methods, most people choose one route and stick with it. Food-preferring people tend to be older and benefit from powerful results while avoiding the hassle and harm of smoking. Those who smoke joints don't need as much expertise or planning, which results in a casual and less engaged experience.

Here are 5 of the main differences between smoking flowers and consuming marijuana foods:

It's all about THC

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While smoking cannabis is like strolling through a bustling park, ingesting an edible is like eating an exploding glitter bomb. There is a scientific explanation behind this bad metaphor. According to Green Entrepreneur, when cannabis is consumed, the THC is metabolized by the liver and turns into 11-hydroxy-THC. For some reason, this connection crosses the blood-brain barrier up to four times faster than average THC. For this reason, foods are associated with intense, vivid, and hallucinatory experiences.

Both require different dosages

Food requires more experienced users because its dosage is so darn complicated. If you've ever prepared your own foods and tried to figure out what's in them, you know what I mean.

In legal markets, 10 mg is the standard dose for an edible product that usually has mild effects. It's also important to consider your tolerance and experience.

Weed smoking occurs much faster

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Inhaling marijuana takes 10 to 20 minutes and takes about an hour before the effects wear off. The foods take up to two hours to activate and their effects can last for a few hours. This is why dosage and experience in eating foods are so important. If you do something wrong, you will feel sick for a long time.

They create different effects

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A food overdose is not the same as an overdose of flowers. While the latter can force you to nap for half an hour to relax and escape a bout of paranoia, ingesting a large dose of edibles can lead to a really uncomfortable time. As mentioned earlier, the effects of food can be long-lasting. If you overdose you will feel awful for a while. Start slowly and do it calmly.

There is no single "best" method

While inhaled cannabis is easier to administer and control, you should always expect the negative side effects of smoking, especially if you consume it regularly. On the other hand, while food is more difficult to handle, it is also very discreet and does not negatively affect your health. In fact, you might even stay away from sugary treats. There are many delicious cannabis salad and cannabis coffee recipes out there these days.


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