5 marijuana hacks to benefit from COVID winter


Winter is getting closer and closer and it will be one to remember, good or bad. With fewer incentives and opportunities to go out and have fun, the majority of our time is arguably spent indoors. Weed probably smoke.

While hopefully spending your time doing a healthy mix of different activities, don’t beat yourself up if you end up smoking more weed than usual. It’s the holidays and it’s been a wild year. Here are 5 weed hacks to use this winter:

Buy enough to take care of yourself

While we should never hoard anything, having an adequate supply of weeds during the holiday season is a good investment. Buying something at this time of year is a pain and anger made worse by the pandemic. The next time you visit your pharmacy, buy enough to keep in stock for a couple of weeks. This way you limit your exposure and can focus on other aspects of the holidays that are fun and stressful too.

Save it right

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When purchasing significant amounts of weeds, it is important to properly store them to avoid wasting money or product. Do not store large quantities of weeds in Ziploc bags as these will lose their stickiness. Place your weeds in mason jars with airtight lids and place them in locations away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. This maintains the quality of your product without losing its smell or taste. Do you need further suggestions? Here are 8 ways to properly store marijuana for freshness.

Have a comfortable smoking room

A good smoking room can transform your smoking experience. Whether it is your bedroom or your couch, make the space comfortable and inviting, in a place that you would love to spend hours. Make sure there is a window nearby to let the smell and air go, and that you regularly wash blankets and sheets nearby.

Get healthy snacks

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The holidays are already a tough time for everyone. If you’re the type that gets very intense nibbles, save yourself some stress by stocking up on healthy snacks that can be saved and preserved. Limit the amount of junk food you buy as this will look particularly appetizing after smoking a joint.

Build up your kief stash

Buy a grinder with an extra tier at the bottom that is perfect for storing kief. Build up your reserves and use them to give your joints an extra kick. Your kief will naturally build up without much work on your part. Only keep your grinder in a dark and cool place so that it doesn’t affect the quality of the kief. But first, what is kief and what should you do with it?


Beth Edmonds