9 greatest marijuana strains of the 2020 crop


This year may be a dumpster fire in a train wreck, but at least there are more fresh, legal, and tested Fuego for your bubbler than ever before.

Amid a global pandemic and historical political division, legal cannabis has become a silver lining considered essential by the authorities. Weeds are getting stronger, tastier, more tested and more legal in 2020 than before.

And the pace of cannabis development is accelerating in 2020, said Kevin Jodrey, director of cultivation and owner of Wonderland Nursery in the town of Redway, CA in Humboldt County – the epicenter of global ganja innovation.

"It has reached a critical mass," he said. "You have to be able to keep innovating, keep creating, and you start to see people do a lot of interesting work."

American farmers grow 29.9 million pounds of pot a year … and the leading Californian grows 13.5 million pounds … 60% of that outdoors

This October, tens of millions of pounds in the open air came from the rolling fields of the Emerald Triangle, Santa Barbara, Oregon and Washington.

U.S. farmers grow £ 29.9 million pot per year, New Frontier Data estimates, while market leader California is growing £ 13.5 million, according to agricultural officials. 60 percent of the harvest is grown outdoors, sewn annually in the spring and harvested by October.

Every year Leafly talks to farmers about what's ripening in the total estimated $ 52 billion market and where taste trends are going so you can shop the crop outdoors like a pro.

Our picks remain 100% independent and close to the plant: we grow it, smoke it, investigate search traffic with Leafly, and interview commercial growers and growers. Prepare Your Mills!

Hot Gelato Crosses

A field of vanilla frosting trees ends in southern Humboldt. (Courtesy of the Humboldt Seed Company)

Stress Eaters: Turn the cupcake off and take the vanilla frosting for a touch of dessert flavor and calorie-free relaxation. that is, until the nibbles hit.

That year, California's leading seed seller, Humboldt Seed Company, sold a bubble that recorded 110,000 seeds and clones of this gelato cross developed by Happy Dreams Farm.

Vanilla Frosting was sturdy and pretty and blew up the roof of a 20 foot tall greenhouse in Humboldt, said Nathaniel Pennington, CEO of the Humboldt Seed Company. The farmer had to remove the blanket so that the plants were ready.

"The breeder was just so happy, he was dizzy," said Pennington.

Vanilla frosting (Courtesy Dark Heart Nursery)Vanilla frosting (Courtesy Dark Heart Nursery)

Leafly recommended Vanilla Frosting in our 2019 seed guide and spotted early Light Dep flowers in Leafly Buzz in September.

Now a delivery fleet of Frosting is flowing down the hills to coat Chronnoisseure in velvety sweet vanilla and creamy fuel. The initial aroma draws beginners in, while the high THC percentages will please tokers.

THC is the engine of all cannabis, said Pennington. But the aroma molecules – the terpenes – are the steering wheel.

"I care more about where I'm going than how fast the trip is," he said.

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Rainbow Chip (grown from SPARC)Talking trees Sunset Mints (Sunset Sherbet x Kush Mints # 11) by Seed Junky GeneticsSherbinski Gello (Bacio Gelato x Mochi)

Zkittlez crosses

White Runtz (Courtesy Cookies)White Runtz (Courtesy Cookies)

Trick or treat yourself this fall with a bag of White Runtz for a trendy mix of Zkittlez & # 39; fruit syrup and gelato's creamy berry grape gas.

"It's hard to say that Runtz isn't the burden of 2020," said Santa Barbara breeder Graham Farrar, president of the Glass House Group.

If cookie-based gelato is the older, more established variety, then Zkittlez is the newer kid on the block – the Kendrick Lamar for a Dr. Dre, if you will. Of course you pair old and new and mix first in Runtz and now in the Runtz crosses, including White Runtz.

"A lot of Runtz is coming down," said Jodrey.

Runtz quality will vary widely this year as pounds of Class A White Runtz on the East Coast Road fetch $ 5,500, Jodrey said. That attracts fraudsters.

Look closely for those tiny, white, dense, purple runtz nugs – and don't pay a top dollar for weathered, brown, or green items.

Growing Runtz outdoors is difficult to master – it's better small and compact indoors than a field of trees. Masters lure out notes of candied fruit and creamy berry-grape gas.

Runtz's potency will kick most seasoned smokers back on their couch.

"This is classic stoner weed," said Daniel Hendricks, CEO of Humboldt County Kindergarten HENDRX Farms.

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Talking Trees Z-Geld (Zkittlez x The Money) made from dying breed seeds

OG favorites

Don't bring your baby's lungs with you. Fatso is for lovers of gas, OG and GMO biscuits.

Colorado breeder Cannarado crossed GMO Cookies and Legend OG to make Fatso and it has gained ground thanks to the two great flavors that it brings together.

In 2020 alone, GMO biscuits dominated. This is a tasty counterpoint to all types of desserts. GMO-containing resin for hashmakers with ultra-high THC content.


Leafly Buzz – New strains, bestsellers, pro picks

"I think GMOs are underproduced because of the demand the plant has," said nursery operator Hendricks. "I'm looking forward to seeing Fatso in the game."

Under the hood is GMO powered by parents Animal Mints and Triangle Kush, Jodrey said.

"It's a great chassis to add things to," he said.

By handing over GMO to Legend OG, the OG line is revitalized and stronger. Next time, give the strain some love.

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Talking Trees Layer Cake # 6 (GVO / Triangle Kush / Skunk x Wedding Cake) HENDRX Farms Breast Milk # 31, bred by Bodhi Seeds (Napali OG x Appalachia) Sherbinki Originals – Sherbert, Gello, Acai Berry, Bacio and Mochi – went to Mandelbrot OGEthos crescendo (Chem D and i95 X Mandarin Cookies # 17)

A great glue

Prohibited Lemon Glue (Full Circle Pharm)Prohibited Lemon Glue (Full Circle Pharm)

Get some aromatherapy with this super-pie, citrus, and fuel kid from Original Glue – formerly known as Gorilla Glue, GG # 4.

A tsunami from Outdoor Original Glue is also satisfying smokers this fall. Regarding the unique crosses for 2020, Equilibrium Genetics' Forbidden Lemon Glue pours drops of thick grapefruit and lemon onto the glue's fuel base. It also looks like genetically modified roses from an alien exoplanet.

When unpacking the name, Forbidden Lemon Glue combines Forbidden Fruit (Cherry Pie x Tangie) and Lemon Glue (Lemon Tree x Glue 75%). That's four equally fascinating genetic lines outside of a cookie or an OG.

"An absolute joy to both grow and smoke," said Michelle McIntyre, owner / operator of Full Circle Pharm in Mendocino County. "I love doing chores, chores, market purchases, and creative art projects while I drink!"

Next year, buy Equilibrium Genetics seeds from licensed pharmacies and glue your own garden.

A great back-off

Lemon Lava (David Downs / Leafly)Lemon lava over The green cross SF (David Downs / Leafly)

This fall, volcanoes steam with lemon lava. The rich, lemony, powerful cake cross is great for chilling out without turning you off.

PHinest Cannabis and Cannarado crossed Lemon Heads to Lava Cake to make Lemon Lava – a recipe for success in the ongoing cake wars.

Fields and cake fields will be chopped this October – mostly wedding cake and ice cream cake. So icy, so sweet, and so powerful, Wedding Cake sparked a cake-growing frenzy that produced the richer, more gaseous lava cake. Now Lemon Lava adds a citrus finish.

"You get enough lemon to make the lemon heads happy, and you get these cake heads happy."

Kevin Jodrey, Kindergarten in Wonderland

Lemon Lava is aimed at the "maybe buyers", similar to the mythical swing voter who makes elections – or in the case of cannabis, increases sales.

"You get enough lemon to make the lemon heads happy, and you get these cake heads happy. You can sell it to both clusters," said Jodrey. "Now you have real speed in a product."

Californian indoor grower Lithouse won the Emerald Cup for Lemon Lava in 2019. 2020 and outdoor Lemon Lava Light Deps are ready for your own ring of fire.

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Medellin (Wedding cake x Serious Chem D)

Cheetah Piss (Courtesy Cookies)Outdoor Cheetah Piss in 2020. (Courtesy of Cookies)

Feel the Cookies brand's exotic Cheetah Piss outdoors in stores for a wild encounter with lemon, creamy berries, cake and max THC. Rawwr!

Cookies planted a pride of these coveted exotic cheetahs this year outdoors. That means you can see a lot on an ounce.

However, don't get your hopes up for a modern take on Catpiss. This legendary, biting burden is believed to be lost in time. This is the cookies cross made from Lemonnade, Gelato No. 42 and London Pound Cake No. 97 – a menagerie of trendy terps.

Cheetahs Piss (David Downs: Leafly) WebCheetah Piss of Cookies (David Downs / Leafly)

"It's so much fun smoking things that are so bright, light, and fragrant, and have such a beautiful mouth and nose," said Jodrey, who led Cookies Genetics this summer.

You have the syrupy lemon, berry cream, and sugar butter all dancing around your olfactory bulbs. Fancy cannabis for lazy Sundays and self-care games – grab it when you see it.

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A little sativa

Magic Melon - Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Co webMagic Melon – Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Co web

Do you love the balance of Blue Dream and a mild, approachable aroma? Choose mild sativa Magic Melon for a similar experience this season.

Magic Melon ranked first with the Humboldt Seed Company in 2020, selling 124,000 seeds and clones as it grows well outdoors and delivers a pound of fading, melonic smells and moderate to high levels of THC.

Magic Melon was selected by Briceland Forest Farm and has just enough sativa energy to get involved without so much for you to personalize your life's mistakes.

"Deep down, people don't want that much spiritual awareness," said Jodrey. "(Traditional Sativas) make you so aware of your precarious position in life that you almost get your pants wet."

Magic Melon (David Downs / Leafly) WebMagic Melon (David Downs / Leafly) Web

The greatest threat posed by the mild sativa melon? It's easy to lose the ripe tropical notes due to overdrying or poor storage.

"Breeders can screw it up," said Jodrey. "When you take away the nuance, it's like mild fruit."

Ask your budget tender for the freshest stuff.

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Syringes (Blueberry Muffin x Tangie) from Humboldt Seed Company

Fruit salad

Papaya Punch (David Downs / Leafly) WebPapaya Punch (David Downs / Leafly)

This year, fill your online shopping baskets with cannabis stone fruits and tropical trends, including papaya punch.

"The papaya smokes hot," said Jodrey, "both the original papaya and the hole crosses are hot in the illegal clone scene."

Oni Seeds took the 2018 flavor, Purple Punch, and mixed in the mysterious papaya. Many major growers have run the strain this year, including Honeydew Farms, Nickel & Dime, Dimebag, and Cream of the Crop.

Light, soft tropical papaya notes take the lead. Behind it in the grinder are the thick, hot citrus fruits of Purple Punch. Fruity terps predominate in their hybrid effects with a high THC content and are therefore versatile day and night.

Grind Magic Melon and Papaya Punch together for a daytime electric fruit salad.

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Apple Gelato (Gelato X Sauer Apple) Berry Pie (Biscuits X Blueberry)

Old school relapse

For the old school throwback fans, Skunk 1 has been offering high THC and high terpene effects since London in the late 80s. But skunk also seems to self-limit its population. The racy, edgy 80% sativa is smelly like anything else – enough to put you in a no-go.

While authentic skunk is about to make a comeback, cute skunk crosses like Island Sweet Skunk, an old-school Canadian cut that shows up in select oil cartridges or in European seed banks, are the closest. (Jack Herer and Green Crack are two skunk offspring.)

But the only true skunk – sharp, watery eyes, almost smelling of vomit – is as mythical as Sasquatch. "That's almost impossible to find," said Jodrey.

So tell Leafly if you can spot it. At this harvest time there are more varieties to discover than a lifetime will allow.

"It's the best ever and it just keeps getting better," said Farrar of Glass House.

Prohibited Lemon Glue (Courtesy of Full Circle Pharm)Prohibited Lemon Glue (Full Circle Pharm)

California produces an estimated 13.5 million pounds of cannabis annually. (Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Co)California produces an estimated 13.5 million pounds of cannabis annually. (Courtesy of Humboldt Seed Co)

What did you harvest in 2020? Let the Leafly community know in the comments below!

David Downs

David Downs directs news and lifestyle coverage as chief of the California Bureau for Leafly.com. He has written for WIRED, Rolling Stone, and Billboard, and is the former cannabis editor of the San Francisco Chronicle and author of several cannabis books including & # 39; Marijuana Harvest & # 39; by Ed Rosenthal and David Downs. He is the co-host of the Hash podcast. TW: @davidrdowns | IG @daviddowns

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