9 zombie sorts for the creepy season


Double, double, trouble and trouble, lighters flicker and bongs gush. Burning zombie limbs and oozing monster guts, you will find a burden to be your creepy season muse.

Even the undead have a special wink at this time of year. That's because it's a scary time of year. Working hard on a hot cauldron all day? Do you need something to start your personal magic? Maybe you just want to come alive at night. No matter how you party, we have the strains to help you eat, drink and be scary.

Just don't say we didn't warn you about their (super) natural powers.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is the perfect way to shake off the dirt in your coffin and switch from zombie to spade in the morning after a hard sleep. Leafly readers say this strain gives them an energetic buzz with happy, euphoric, and uplifting effects.

Deadhead OG

The spooky season lasts a while, and sometimes you need a species of zombie to survive a cool day by the pumpkin patch or lying on a pile of leaves. Deadhead OG is there for you with its happy autumn mood right before you can deliver a real PSL. Put on a plaid and use a bowl to melt away your terrible stress.

Death star

Death Star cannabis strain

Intergalactic magic takes a little extra magic, but the Death Star is the kind that can make your dreams of chasing an alien come true.

This peppery strain will shoot a laser beam of relaxation into your moon hopping adventure as you celebrate the beautiful darkness of a black hole or drift lazily into space.

Death Bubba

Sweet Death Bubba is the perfect companion for a horror movie night when all you have to do is popcorn and heartbreaking horror. This cute, earthy strain will help keep the tension down if you're not sure what kind of terrifying creature is going to show up on your movie screen.

Dragon breath

Dragon & # 39; s Breath's hot fires save the day when you need to run a few errands or stay up late mixing up more potions for All Hallows & # 39; Eve. Are you planning to raise a long-dead ancestor? Well. Plans to learn how to make food? Even better.

Head cheese

There is nothing better than the finely solidified pieces that you find in head cheese. From snoots to hooves to cheeks, there's nothing like it. The other cheese on the head is just as spicy, but much easier for digestion.

Leafly readers report that this strain is blissful and strong, with energetic effects that still bring you a morgue-like calm.

Green leprechaun

Goblins are an especially important part of the scary season that shouldn't be forgotten. Green Goblin will help you communicate with other members of this enchanted community and encourage creativity.

Fill your bowl with it and you will be motivated enough to make sure there aren't real goblins living in your closets or under your beds waiting to bewitch you in your sleep. Organization!

Madman OG

Madman OG is more laid back than it sounds and will likely make you lie down more than walk around like a madman. Considered a high THC strain, Madman OG helps zombies like us let go of our problems and relax until the next haunt.

Mendo breath

Better than the wet and spoiled mouth of a zombie, Mendo Breath breathes new life into tired and sore bodies. Don't plan on trick or treating when enjoying this strain, you want to spend the night.

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