Alabama Legalizes Sale of CBD in Pharmacies


On June 10th, Alabama Governor Ivey signed State Bill 225 (SB225) into law, which will now allow Alabama pharmacies to sell Cannabidiol (CBD) products with less 0.3 percent THC or less.

Prior to this legislation, pharmacies in Alabama were prohibited from selling any CBD products even though CBD could be purchased from a variety of retailers throughout the state.

While hemp-derived CBD had been federally legalized in 2018, CBD was still classified as marijuana under Alabama law. Because of this, CBD had been regulated as a Schedule 1 controlled substance alongside illicit substances like opioids and heroin.

With the passing of SB225, Alabama has removed CBD as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, following suit with the federal government’s reclassification of CBD. This will help to further normalize the industry and could help to establish a much-needed framework for regulating the quality and safety of CBD products.

As pharmacies across the state begin to stock their shelves with CBD products, residents of Alabama can soon purchase a variety of CBD products from the convenience of their local pharmacy.


Beth Edmonds