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AndHemp CBD Flavor

AndHemp CBD Oil Tinctures are available in 4 flavors: Natural, Orange, Peppermint, Strawberry. Below I’ve listed a general flavor profile for each with a personal comment:

Natural featured the plant-like flavor of hemp/cannabis with light notes of nutty hemp seed oil. Unlike some natural-flavored tinctures, this wasn’t overwhelmingly strong or distasteful. It was noticeable but actually very mild. Personally, I’m not typically a fan of the natural, earthy hemp flavor, but I didn’t mind this one. Kevin, our graphic designer who enjoys the natural flavor of hemp/cannabis, said he really enjoyed the flavor.

Orange featured a sweet and tangy orange flavor that wasn’t like the zesty, semi-bitter orange-rind flavor of the many other orange-flavored tinctures I’ve tried. AndHemp’s orange was more like an orange candy or gummy. I typically enjoy the bitter, orange rind flavor tinctures, but I can definitely see how someone with more of a sweet tooth, or who enjoys fruity flavors would enjoy this one much more.

Peppermint featured a fresh blast of Spearmint. It had a natural cooling effect, and the light mint flavor allowed slight notes of hemp oil and hemp flavor to blend into the flavor. I enjoy lighter flavors, mint, and have started getting used to the natural hempy flavor, so I really enjoyed this one a lot.

Strawberry is a flavor that I’ve never seen in a tincture and didn’t think the flavors of berry, hemp seed oil, and hemp would go well together, but it actually did and really well. Strawberry featured a sweet berry flavor, that was slightly candy-like and complemented the natural flavor of the oil. Unanimously, I think we all liked this one the most, because, even though strawberry is a basic flavor, it’s unique for CBD tincture flavors, and it tasted great.

While our team members found every flavor enjoyable, each person has a unique flavor preference. The good thing is that AndHemp has a diverse selection of flavors, so if even if you hate most flavors, you’ll probably find at least one of them to be enjoyable.


Beth Edmonds