Are weeds authorized in Andorra?


Andorra is a tiny country between Spain and France. It is the largest micro-state in Europe and the largest country in the world that does not have an airport. In terms of size, it’s roughly 2.5 times the size of Washington, DC Weed isn’t legal in Andorra, but the country has an interesting geographical position.

It is surrounded by Spain, arguably the most cannabis-tolerant country in Europe. The region of Spain that surrounds it is Catalonia, the only Spanish region that has legal recreational herbs. To the north of Andorra is France, home to the largest cannabis users in Europe. While weed is not legal in Andorra, there is certainly a lot of marijuana in the area.

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Andorra weed laws

Under the new Andorra Criminal Code, Article 282, anyone who produces, sells, transports, imports or exports cannabis can be imprisoned for up to two years and fined up to twice the value of cannabis.

Article 284 says that anyone who owns weeds in Andorra can be punished with up to one year in prison and a fine of 1200 euros. In the case of public consumption, this increases to 2 years and 1,800 euros. Anyone caught selling a small amount of weed to an adult could spend a year in prison.

Cannabis in Andorra

Andorra’s main agricultural crop is tobacco. Andorra also happens to be the world’s greatest tobacco smoker. On average, every Andorran citizen smokes 6,398 cigarettes a year. The only other country even remotely close is Luxembourg with 6,331 per year. In third place is Belarus with 2,911, a big drop from the top two. While cigarette smoking is incredibly common in Andorra, weed smoking is not.

If you’re in the area and feel like a joint or two, it’s far better to cross the border into Catalonia. While weed isn’t legal in Andorra, you don’t have to travel far at all to enjoy a joint without breaking the law.

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