Are weeds authorized in Honduras?


With sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, and a worryingly high murder rate, Honduras is one of the less-traveled Central American countries for tourists. While weeds aren't legal there, Honduras has some reasonably mild drug laws for personal possession. At least it seems on paper.

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Weed laws Honduras

Much like the Guatemalan laws we just wrote about, the cannabis legalities in Honduras are pretty hard to come by. As far as I can tell the main points are of interest:

First-time abusers must be interned in rehabilitation for up to 30 days, and first-time abusers must be fined up to 1000 lempiras ($ 40 at the time of writing). This is up to 30 to 90 days and up to 5000 Lempiras ($ 200 at the time of writing) for the third time (or more) they would be interned until considered reintegrated into society

However, according to, there are no rehabilitation centers. If possession is found to be minimal, the judge simply releases the perpetrator.

However, prison sentences for drug trafficking can range from 3 to 20 years. However, the line between drug trafficking and possession is not clear. As in many countries, this line is blurred so that the then prosecutor can decide based on the circumstances. Regardless, weeds are not legal in Honduras, so violating these laws comes with significant risks.

Marijuana in Honduras

Although Honduras has some of the lowest levels of tourism in Central America, the country still receives nearly 1 million tourists a year. With all that tourism, a small percentage tries to look for marijuana. In the larger cities of Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, you are more likely to encounter people who smoke weeds. However, cannabis is still much more taboo than in some countries. Medicinal weed is not legal in Honduras either, so this is an important factor in keeping the population's opinion fairly negative.

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