Are weeds authorized in Ukraine?


Ukraine is world famous because of Chernobyl and a very interesting European country. In terms of GDP per capita, it is the second poorest country in Europe (the first is Moldova) and the largest country in terms of area that is entirely in Europe. Despite their love for alcohol, the country does not share that love with cannabis. While recreational herbs are likely to be illegal for some time, the legal status of medicinal cannabis in Ukraine could soon change.

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Weed laws of Ukraine

Currently, both recreational and medicinal cannabis use is illegal in Ukraine. On the website of the Ukrainian government, cannabis is divided into three different types and these types into three different amounts.

TypeSmallLargeEspecially LargeCannabis (raw) up to 5 g from 500 to 2500 g2500 g + cannabis resin up to 0.5 g from 50 to 500 g 500 g + cannabis extracts up to 0.3 g from 5 to 100 g 100 g +

Unfortunately, the table above really raises more questions than it answers. For example, why is there a quantity gap between small and large, but more importantly, what do these quantities actually mean? Well, unfortunately my Ukrainian language skills are not there so I think this would be the key to success. If you are in Ukraine and absolutely must have cannabis for whatever reason, make sure you are well below the upper limit of the "small" classification. However, this could still result in severe punishment.

Weed in Russia

Growing weeds in Ukraine

There is another document from the Ukrainian government which states:

Citizens who grow up to 10 plants can be fined from 18 to 100 non-taxable minimum incomes, and confiscation of plant citizens who grow between 10 and 50 plants can be fined from 100 to 500 tax-free minimum incomes or for Arrested for up to six months Restriction of freedom for up to three years

It is worth noting that the translated document does indeed contain hemp plants, but we assume that this means that standard cannabis plants are also listed as poppy plants. Another assumption we are making is that the October 2020 “minimum wage” is currently $ 67. This is based on this article, which mentions that 375 minimum wages correspond to UAH 1,771,125. If this is correct it would mean:

Growing up to 10 plants could result in a fine of around $ 6,700. Growth between $ 10 and $ 50 could result in a profit of around $ 33,500

However, this too is speculation at best. After all, you're reading the THC Times, not the New York Times.

Medical marijuana in Ukraine

Although medicinal weed is not legal in Ukraine, the issue has spread across the country. In fact, in less than a week, Ukrainian citizens will be able to vote on whether to legalize medical cannabis. The vote would not be legally bindingHowever, it is believed that a reasonable majority is likely to be observed in both cases. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy supports the issue. Should Ukraine legalize medical cannabis, it would join a small number of former USSR states.

Attitudes to cannabis in Ukraine

Cannabis remains relatively taboo in Ukraine, despite the country having one of the highest alcohol rates in the world. Not as bad as some of its neighbors, to be fair, but still well above the global average. Should weeds become legal in Ukraine, medical experts expect the country's alcoholism rate to decline.

Cannabis-related protests are not uncommon in the capital, Kiev, and support for legalization is stronger in larger cities across the country. However, do not expect to smell weeds in the air in places like Kharkiv, Dnipro, Donetsk, Lviv or Odessa. At least not yet.

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