Balm, gel, roll-on: three CBD themes to alleviate your ache


Colder weather is here! And for many, that means creaky knees, inflamed old sports injuries, and muscle pain from shoveling snow. Not to mention the cold and flu season is in full swing amid a full blown pandemic.

While many are turning to ingestible CBD oils for relaxation and rejuvenation, others find relief in innovative new current formats like those of the Forma folks.

Forma CBD is a California-based company that oversees hemp cultivation through to the extraction and formulation of broad spectrum natural CBD products.

It’s the sister company of CBD Flower and hemp cigarette supplier Cali Blendz, although Forma specializes in smoke-free CBD formats, including a range of ingestible water-soluble extracts as well as CBD-themed in novel formats that feel eerily familiar.

Products like cooling gels, roll-ons and balms are similar to your favorite drugstore personal care products and also offer innovative new ways to deliver cannabinoids transdermally.

“Our focus is on providing the right natural health product to allay the anxiety and much of the physical ache of our customers,” said Christopher Campbell, CEO of Forma. “We pride ourselves on performing the most comprehensive due diligence in the industry.”

How to Find the Right CBD for You

CBD themes usually offer a fast-acting alternative to supplements, as well as the ability to target specific areas and sores. And since hemp-derived CBD is non-intoxicating, topical products are a top choice for those seeking therapeutic benefits without the “high” associated with cannabis and other THC-containing products.

With CBD products flooding the market in recent years, Campbell shares some tips to help distinguish good hemp-based products from bad ones.

No COA? Go away.

The COA (Certificate of Analysis) is a summary of the laboratory tests, and every CBD company worth its salt takes pride in making this information available to consumers.

The COA should cite the tasting facility that prepared the analysis and indicate what technology was used, detection of heavy metals, pesticides and residual solvents, and the effectiveness and presence of CBD, THC and a full spectrum of smaller cannabinoids. This is important to know as CBN can make you drowsy and CBDV can make you hyperactive.

Tip: If no COA is available or no analysis is displayed, walk away.

Look for brands that have relationships with real farmers!

Quality products from CBD start with quality hemp made by trusted partners. For Forma employees, this means “visiting our farms, extraction facilities, manufacturers and testing laboratories and examining everything carefully before offering a product to our customers,” says Campbell. “We want to build trust with our customers and know nothing more than careful focus and hard work.”

Tip: You should be able to verify the Certificate of Authenticity for a CBD product on the relevant farm / farmer’s website.

Another consideration when shopping for CBD themes is how the hemp is extracted. Different types of technology can produce different results. Some may leave residual solvents behind while others remove smaller cannabinoids that work synergistically with CBD.

Tip: The CO2 and cold pressed extraction are the cleanest.

Look for brands that don’t promise too much

Despite promising research on the benefits of CBD, you can question any company that says CBD will cure anything. Transparency is key, according to Forma, who shares that their “goal is to create products that are accessible to as many customers as possible and remove as many fears about the market and the industry as possible.”

Tip: Do your own research! There is a lot of credible research out there on PubMed and other similar research sources.

Aside from finding a reliable brand, choosing the right type of CBD themes is a matter of personal preference. Different formats offer different textures, flavors and sometimes warming or cooling sensations.

Discover 3 New Types of CBD Themes:

CBD-infused cooling gel

CBD topical gel

Get localized relief from strains, sprains and muscle aches and pains with an icy gel that looks and feels very similar to the cooling rubs sold at your local Walgreens. The big difference is that this gel has CBD among its active ingredients, so there is more to it than menthol. Forma CBD’s Sub Zero Gel is quick drying and non-greasy. It comes in a pump bottle and delivers 10 mg of CBD from hemp with each dose.

Roll-on CBD

CBD topical roll-on

Are you looking for a pocket-sized solution that you can use on the go? This format looks like an essential oil roll-on, so you can discreetly use CBD on the subway, at work, and really anywhere. Forma’s Invisible Freeze Roll-on contains lavender and camphor to promote relaxation and tranquility, while the addition of menthol provides a tingly, refreshing effect. Each roll-on contains 120 mg of CBD and is designed to deliver a powerful dose with each hit.

CBD beeswax balm

CBD current

Soothe anything that makes you sick with a beeswax balm activated by the power of touch! Forma CBD beeswax balm is known as “fast-acting relief” that can be massaged into your skin right where you need it most. It has a smooth texture, is made up of natural ingredients, and delivers up to 10 mg of CBD transdermally per dose.

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Beth Edmonds