Bearly Legal Delta-8 THC Softgel Rating


If you know anything about Delta-8 THC, you know that this particular cannabinoid is actually legal. Although Delta-8 products only contain 0.3% THC, they give off a powerful body and mind high that many wonder how the hell is it possible to get high. Today we’re going to be reviewing a Delta-8 THC product from a company called Bearly Legal, which pokes fun at the legality of Delta-8 THC. Don’t be fooled by the amusing and playful name, however, as their products offer a powerful high that is highly valued and enjoyed by their customers! Bearly Legal products come in all shapes and sizes, but today we’re going to be testing their Delta-8 THC softgel in a pack of 2!

Capsules are an easy way to consume Delta-8 THC: just put them in your mouth and swallow, preferably with a sip of water. Capsules are an option for those who don’t like artificial flavors in tinctures, the slimy coating and hemp aftertaste of some chewy gums, or the need to inhale smoke or steam from fumes and flowers.

There are two options for their capsules on the Bearly Legal website: a sample pack of 2 for $ 10 or a 30-pack for $ 69.99. There are occasional sales for this product that allow you to get it a little cheaper, but otherwise there is no discount for purchasing multiple quantities, and there is no subscription option either.

I took the two-pack sample size for $ 4.99, with each softgel containing 25 mg of Delta-8 THC. The pack is roughly the same size as a standard condom pack, so you can take the capsules with you in a coat pocket or small handbag. Since a softgel is viewed as a single serving, make sure that you can process 25 mg of Delta-8 THC in a single serving. If you’re just getting started on your Delta-8 THC journey, you may want to start with something a little less potent (like half a gummy bear). If you are sure that you can handle the amount of Delta-8 THC in this softgel, you will have more power! Now let’s start with product evaluation, start with experience, and finish with product packaging.

Product rating

When I tore open the small packet for the first time, I was surprised to see the color of the capsule, specifically that it was a matte capsule that looked almost yellow at certain angles. In reality it was just a slightly opaque capsule, about the size of a gummy bear. I like to test the shelf life of the capsules by squeezing them very hard. This capsule stuck for a while, but eventually exploded under the pressure. In the end, I shoveled the leftovers into my mouth and swallowed them quickly. I don’t recommend this as it decreases the bioavailability of the Delta-8 THC, but I didn’t mean to waste it. The entire capsule had no taste and I quickly forgot that I had even taken it. After about an hour and a half, I began to feel the effects of the Delta-8 THC. I felt dizzy and euphoric and slightly blurry. I noticed that my eyes were slightly red, affectionately known as rabbit eyes, and that my vision was slightly blurred. I became lazy and wanted to go to sleep, but at the same time I was curiously awake and alert. There was a strong, comfortable tingling sensation on my face, legs, feet, and hands which made them very sensitive to touch. I felt a slight pressure in my nose near my sinuses, something I felt when I was experiencing a delta-9 THC high. There was a slight tightening of my jaw as well as a weighted feeling behind my eyes. I struggled with some difficulty holding a pen to take a few notes and eventually fell into a blissful sleep. I was extremely relaxed and while I was still “high” I was fully aware of my surroundings and never felt trapped, paranoid or anxious, some common side effects of Delta-9 THC. My high went on for several hours but never got higher than I could handle.

I fully understand that the high produced by Delta-8 THC is different for each user. Your high can vary based on height, weight, age, and other factors. You may already be used to the effects of Delta-8-THC products if you have used marijuana before. The first time you use Delta-8 THC products, start with small doses until your body gets better used to them. You should never operate machines / vehicles while under the influence of a Delta-8. I would not recommend taking Delta-8 THC products while you work, as the relaxed feeling can lead you to take a nap or forbid you to otherwise fish your work. As always, you should consult your primary caregiver before trying Delta-8 THC products for the first time.

Laboratory tests

Bearly Legal offers independent third-party laboratory tests through PharmLabs, as well as a very detailed explanation of why they use them. To see these tests you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page that says Customer Service. Navigate to the Laboratory Reports and COAS tab and click the tab to view the full list of laboratory tests. These tests are updated from time to time. You can view them by clicking the CLICK HERE tab for the latest results. I appreciated the commitment to quality and the wealth of information Bearly Legal wants to provide.

Hemp information

All Bearly Legal hemp is grown indoors and is A + level. This allows them to make some of the highest quality Delta-8 products on the market. Each of their products come from both narrow and broad spectrum Delta-8 THC. As such, all of their products are 100% hemp-derived, cGMP-made, and legally compliant with all states where they may be sold within hemp.

Product packaging

The Delta-8 softgel pack with two servings came in a black pouch that resembled the size of a condom pack. The company logo was in the middle and showed a grinning grizzly bear with a blunt between its teeth, sunglasses and a red baseball cap. The words “I can’t believe it’s not a weed” span a banner around the grizzly bear and make me think of a similar play on words for a particular non-butter spread. The capsules are listed as vegan on the bottom of the pack and contain 25 mg Delta-8 THC per capsule.

On the back of the small pack, the ingredients list contains Delta-8, smaller hemp cannabinoids, MCT oil and tapioca starch. Below the ingredients list is a warning that this product is not intended to cure, cure, diagnose, or prevent any disease. There are people who should not use this product (pregnant or breastfeeding women) and should not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery. Below is a short list that confirms that the product contains less than 0.3% THC, is entirely made in the USA, and that the hemp is 100% grown and extracted in America. The company’s website is at the very bottom, along with a barcode and QR code. I didn’t see an expiration date anywhere on the packaging, but most capsules will last within a year of making. I was a little surprised that there were no instructions or expected wait for the capsules to be inserted, but perhaps the company thought these were self-explanatory as you should only be ingesting Delta-8 THC if you have a few hours before you kill fall asleep.

Bearly Legal Hemp Co. specializes in all forms of Delta-8 THC products, including popular products such as vapes, groceries, and capsules. Their lesser-known products like moonrocks, flowers, pre-rolled joints, and blobs are aimed at seasoned Delta-8 THC users. The company website is colorful, clearly labeled, professionally designed and offers a wide range of information on each product. Every product has verified reviews and their entire website is rated 4.9 stars out of 5. Each product offers volume-specific discounts (i.e. buy 2, get 5%, buy 5, save 20%, etc.) that encourage larger orders instead of subscription discounts. I had never seen this approach before, but I agree with the marketing strategy that you buy more of what you like and know it works. I liked the capsules that I got to try and was looking forward to trying more of their products, especially their sour gummy bears! I can recommend these products to both beginners and experienced Delta-8 THC users, and I hope this review has encouraged you to try some of Bearly Legal’s products for yourself!

Do you have a favorite Delta-8 THC product that you have tried from Bearly Legal or other Delta-8 THC websites? Don’t be shy, share your experience in the comments below! Delta-8 THC offers a legal alternative to recreational marijuana as well as a much more balanced high. If you have any questions or concerns about this or any of the other Delta-8 THC products we have reviewed so far, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to answering your questions with our experienced team of CBD and Delta-8 THC users. Check back soon for another review of Delta-8 THC products, this time a Delta-8 THC cartridge from Crystal Clear!


Beth Edmonds