Can I’ve a gun and medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?


Can I have a gun and medical marijuana card in Oklahoma? This question has been asked frequently lately. Oklahoma is one of the most weapon-friendly states and also has the country's fastest growing medical marijuana program.

Oklahoma is a passionate state of the second change. Sooner State has a liberal open carry policy that allows its citizens to carry many types of firearms openly without a license. In 2019, the state passed a law that allows people to carry a hidden pistol without a license.

Oklahoma's medical marijuana program is one of the most open, easy-to-use, and fastest growing in the country. The state has more pharmacies and MMJ patients per capita than any other part of the country. Since its legalization recently in August 2018, Oklahoma MMJ has become a very important part of the state economy. Nearly 5% of the state's population now has a medical marijuana card.

With so many gun owners and MMJ patients in Oklahoma: "Can gun owners apply for MMJ cards?" has become an important question. Let's find out the answer.

Image by RJA1988 from Pixabay: Medical marijuana and gun ownership in Oklahoma.

What are Oklahoma's Medical Marijuana and Gun Ownership Laws?

Like so many MMJ laws, MMJ and gun ownership laws vary from state to state. Federal law prohibits medical marijuana patients from using firearms. This is because federal law still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug.

However, the federal government does not participate in a state's handling of issues related to MMJ and gun ownership. This means that each state sets its own rules when it comes to whether gun owners can use MMJ.

Can I have a gun and medical marijuana card in Oklahoma?

This area of ​​MMJ legislation in Oklahoma was a gray area for some time. The apparent contradiction between the MMJ laws and Oklahoma arms laws and the federal law caused great confusion.

Medical marijuana became legal in Oklahoma in 2018. However, under OK law, it was still illegal to carry a gun while in possession of drugs that are illegal under federal law. This led to problematic legal inconsistency.

However, the "Uniform Law", which was passed on March 14, 2019, has clarified things. Governor Kevin Stitt signed the bill, which states that a medical marijuana patient or nurse “is not denied the right to purchase or has a firearm, ammunition, or weapon accessory that is solely based on his status as a medical marijuana patient or licensee for Caregivers are based. "

Is the use of MMJ legal for gun owners in Oklahoma?

By adopting the Unity Act, gun owners can apply for medical marijuana cards and use, buy, and grow MMJs. Oklahoma is again the leader in clarity and openness in its medical marijuana laws.

MMJRecs - Marijuana Bud

Image by 4657743 from Pixabay: Gun owners can use MMJ in Oklahoma.

What are the Oklahoma Gun Ownership and MMJ Terms of Service?

While arms vendors in Oklahoma carry out background checks before selling certain types of weapons, these controls only indicate criminal convictions. While MMJ is illegal at the federal level, MMJ users in Oklahoma have not been convicted of using it since it is not illegal at the state level.

There are various restrictions on the use of MMJ and gun ownership in Oklahoma. It is not legal to drive under the influence of medical marijuana, operate heavy machinery, or work in many professions. Certain calibers and types of firearms may not be hidden and carried, and certain individuals with prior beliefs may not be legally concealed from carrying.

What qualifying conditions allow a gun owner to receive an MMJ card in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is almost unique in the fact that there is no formal list of medical marijuana qualifications. A licensed medical doctor in the state can prescribe medical marijuana for any illness that he believes is supported by medical marijuana treatment.

How can gun owners in Oklahoma benefit from medical marijuana?

Oklahoma residents can adapt to the use of MMJ in a variety of ways. Medical marijuana is great for treating the symptoms of many painful and debilitating conditions, including:

GlaucomaChronic PainInsomniaHeadacheDepression, Anxiety, PTSD CancerArthritisRear PainNauseaKrohn's DiseaseEpilepsyDisease Disorders

How can a gun owner in Oklahoma apply for a medical marijuana card?

The best way to get an MMJ card in Oklahoma is to set up an online consultation with a local doctor about MMJRecs. With MMJRecs you can apply quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home.

Once you've completed an online consultation, you'll have your own medical marijuana card that you can use in any MMJ pharmacy in the state.

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