Can marijuana or CBD assist with pimples?


The cannabinoids in cannabis can have a certain effect on the skin and treat itching and even skin diseases such as psoriasisThe impact of marijuana on the skin adds to the complexity of the debate.

We know that marijuana increases testosterone, which can cause acne in at least some people.

Just as higher estrogen can prevent an outbreak, testosterone appears to fuel the extra production in the glands. ONE Study 2017, published in Andrology, found elevated testosterone levels in newer marijuana users. However long quoted for his anti-inflammatory effectsIn some studies, THC appears to reduce inflammation both inside and outside the body, reducing the risk of acne. Just like some drugs work for one person rather than another, marijuana can work just as well.

What about CBD?

Dr. Leslie Bauman believes that CBD has effects that can help reduce the redness caused by acne, but also decrease the oil. She wrote in the Miami Herald“One study found that a 3% cannabis seed extract cream was effective in reducing both redness and sebum production in acne sufferers.”

Photo by Kjerstin_Michaela via Pixabay

In fact, researchers have been studying CBD for a while. Bauman referred to a Paper 2018 This confirmed the skin-altering properties of CBD, including reducing inflammation.

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From face masks to bath bombs and beyond, companies are realizing the CBD craze is not going to end anytime soon and are taking advantage of that Gen Z trend wearing less makeup and instead focusing on skin health.

What should the average skincare fan know? It’s all about the ingredients. For those involved in hemp / CBD, it is important to make sure the bottle contains what it says on the tin. With CBD and hemp production a relatively new craze, businesses can take advantage of the buyer. For example, while most products advertise the full-spectrum benefits of CBD, many skin care products contain “hemp oil,” which can moisturize and soothe the skin but lack the cannabinoids in CBD.

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To understand what’s in your bottle, look at the ingredients and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The health of your skin depends on it!


Beth Edmonds