Canadian hemp cultivation and export worth elevated by greater than 20%


Canada’s hemp acreage and export value have increased more than 20% this year, according to the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance.

“Canada’s hemp industry continues to grow in 2020 despite the challenges posed by COVID-19,” said Keith Jones, CHTA’s chairman, in a statement following the group’s annual meeting, held online this year. “Canada planted approximately 92,000 acres of hemp in 2019, with exports exceeding Canadian $ 110 million ($ 85 million).”

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Although the final 2020 numbers are not yet available, experts expect the numbers to increase by around 20% as cannabis is the largest exporter of hemp products to the United States. The majority of the goods are oilseed products from Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, a US Foreign Agricultural Service representative said.

Canada limited commercial hemp production to only fiber and grain products through 2018. At this point, the hemp rules were repealed in this country’s larger cannabis law regulating recreational marijuana. Canada now also allows the commercial manufacture of cannabinoids from hemp.

“Hemp is here to stay from a regulatory standpoint,” said Jones. The CHTA named Ted Haney as the group’s president during this year’s annual conference of the organization. Haney, who previously served as Executive Director, will also serve as Chief Executive Officer.

In addition to ingestible products like oil, hemp can be used to make a wide variety of items. Industrial hemp has long been used to make textiles and textiles. It can be used to make paper, rope, plastic, concrete substitutes and even biodegradable fuels.

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