Cannabis News 04/02/2021


This week we have big news from New York and some updates to American opinions on cannabis and the presidential stance on it.

Federal news

Three out of four voters support the legalization of cannabis

According to a recent poll, only one in four voters wants to keep marijuana banned in the US. The rest want it to be legalized. Of the people who want it to be legal, about half would like it to be legalized by the federal government and the other half would want it to be legalized by the state governments.

Both Republicans and Democrats agree that cannabis should be legal at some level. There is no split between the parties, which shows that cannabis legalization is a non-partisan issue.

Biden’s stance on marijuana “hasn’t changed”

President Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki said this week that his stance on marijuana “has not changed”. This suggests he is not an advocate of marijuana expropriation, which the Senate bills will propose later this year. It can result in him reviewing a legalization invoice when it hits his desk.

State news

New York State legalizes marijuana

The big news of the week is that New York State has legalized cannabis. Governor Cuomo is likely trying to distract people from his scandals and has passed an amazing bill allowing the use of marijuana in his state. In addition to consuming cannabis, New Yorkers are allowed to grow cannabis as well. Up to three plants per person and six per household can be grown for recreational use. This frees people from the need to go to pharmacies and buy their products. All people over 21 are allowed to grow and use marijuana.

The law also retroactively erases all nonviolent marijuana crimes from previous records. This is a big step forward as other states with similar laws require people to actively pursue the extinction. In New York, you don’t even have to ask for previous crimes to be eradicated, they are automatically removed.

Medical marijuana law is still in place and patients can access cheaper products at pharmacies. Additional medical conditions can qualify for a New York Marijuana Card.


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