Cannabox vs Buddha Field vs 420 Goody Field – Comparability & Evaluate


What’s inside? – Your box will contain 5 to 8 items, which are all for the love of cannabis, and Raw, 420 Science, RYOT, HUF, and ROOR are some of the product brands you will see in your Cannabox. Each month has a theme, and this month’s theme is Beach Buds, so all of the products I get in my box will probably be related to the beach in some way. Last month’s theme was Tree Lovers, which contained things like (as seen above) a Monkey Pipe, wildflower seeds, Raw hemp wick, Pay-Pay papers, HUF socks, and blunt wraps.

Any other surprises? – Plus, every month, 5 to 10 people get a chance at having a Gold Box delivered to them, which would contain the same types of products as well as awesome things like ten 22K Gold Celebration Lava Pipes ($119) they’re giving away this month, or the 10 Celtic Tree of Life Laser Launch Box Kits ($125) and limited edition t-shirts they gave away last month. Sometimes you’ll even receive exclusive products you can’t get anywhere else with your cannabox theme boxes.

Do I have a say in what I get? – In fact, you can customize the contents of your box 420 by filling out a quick form, after you purchase your subscription, based on your gender, shirt size, and smoking preferences (papers, cigar wraps, hand pipe, water pipe, or vape – all or as many as you often use). And if you want to purchase items from past boxes, you can order a Cannapack ($10.88) to receive 5 to 7 items from past boxes, at a lower price, without the monthly subscription or theme.

What’s it going to cost? – You can sign up for a 1, 3, or 6 month plan, which comes out to as low as $22.83 a month, including shipping and handling, and is actually less than you’d pay if you bought all the items separately. In fact, the Monkey Pipe in last month’s box would have cost you around $20 on its own! And if you go to their site, there’s a little window that pops up asking you to join their mailing list, which actually gives you a 10% off Cannabox coupon for your first order, so your box will be a little cheaper! Plus, you will find this type of Cannabox promo codes every celebration (Xmas, Valentines, 4/20, etc.) and you can also earn a little money ($5 per new signup) by letting people know about Cannabox, while at the same time hooking them up with a 10% discount. 

When will I get it? – Cannaboxes can be shipped discreetly to the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada, and they are usually shipped out on the 20th of each month. Don’t worry; you’ll be sent a tracking number when it ships!

That is Cannabox in a nutshell… and now it’s time to compare it to the other two services, but based on the customer’s Cannabox reviews, it’s going to be very difficult…


Beth Edmonds