Canviva CBD evaluation


Viva La Canviva! Today we are going to evaluate a product of the Canviva brand: CBD oil drops, also called tincture. Tinctures are one of the easiest to use products in the CBD industry and can be offered in all sorts of flavors. Tinctures are also one of the most customizable products because you can take different amounts with the measured pipette rather than being limited to a single capsule or an edible product. Canviva offers a variety of tinctures, but the one I'm going to review today is the PURE CBD oil tincture 500 mg. Let's dive right in without further ado!


Canviva products are made with full spectrum CBD and extracted with food grade ethanol.

The website was created and maintained professionally, with blogs, FAQs, multiple tabs, easy navigation and even a photo contest! I could have spent an hour on their website reading all the information available. If you are a new CBD user or would like more information about CBD, its use and almost everything else, we recommend that you visit the website. It's literally one of the best I've ever seen. You can even become a brand ambassador or partner, which many users will surely do once they have navigated the website and tried the product. All questions you have can be answered by filling out an online form or you can contact the company via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin or you can sign up for the e-newsletter).

The product has a 5 star rating based on only 2 ratings. The company's Facebook did slightly better with a 5-star rating based on only 3 ratings. I noticed that most people give a rating when the product or service was bad and not necessarily how good the product is.

Laboratory tested

Canviva had an extremely detailed and very well organized section of its website called COA (Certificate of Analysis) where they uploaded the results of third party laboratory results for each product to their website. There is even a link that you can click to show you how to read the lab test results, which I have never seen on a CDB website before. It was a nice surprise and very useful for people who are not sure how to understand the pronunciation of the laboratory results.


The bottle was dark to prevent sunlight from penetrating and ruining the tincture fluid. However, if I hold the bottle against the light, I can easily see how much tincture remains in the bottle. The label was very bright and cheerful, with a white label that almost surrounded the bottle and a soothing green lettering all around the bottle.

The full size bottles contain 500 mg full spectrum CBD. While the recommended amount varies from person to person, the graduated pipette lets you decide how much to take in a dose.

The initial judgment of the product was that it was a premium product. The bright color of the tincture was very similar to olive oil: medium yellow. The liquid was translucent and I could easily see through the yellow tinge. I could read the markings on the pipette with the liquid completely full. It seemed to be of high quality and the viscosity was constant throughout the bottle and every time I filled the pipette.

The product was wonderfully easy to use, from unscrewing the bottle to filling the dropper bottle. I give it a 9 rating just because the plastic seal was a little hard to tear off. The perforated lines on the plastic packaging should be a little more defined so that they can be removed more easily.


For a tincture that is marketed as non-flavored, this was an excellent non-flavored "taste". It had a very tea-like smell that was very similar to green tea. When I opened the bottle, I immediately thought about making a nice cup of soothing green tea, and I was really looking forward to trying it. I filled the pipette to the maximum and placed it under my tongue.

My first reaction was: "Wow, it's a wonderfully smooth, rolling texture." It wasn't until I rolled the tincture around in my mouth that I really discovered the rich taste. It tasted faintly of green tea and melted into a calm nothing. The texture was oily and smooth, but not slimy or uncomfortable. The tincture was a little hard to hold under my tongue, but when it sloshed around in my mouth, it left a wonderful green tea-like taste in my mouth. After swallowing the tincture, there was a warm and soothing aftertaste that was wonderfully pleasant.

Overall I would rate this taste as 8. The taste was very smooth and clean. I was also very happy with the scent of the tincture.

Effects & advantages

It is very difficult to determine the exact benefits of this product because everyone reacts differently to CBD. Since this product is being marketed to improve your general well-being, it should be taken daily for a long period of time. This product seemed to be effective as I felt more peaceful and relaxed with each use. When I took this product at night, I felt ready to sleep and calm down. I give him a rating of 8 because I felt that it improved my daily routine. However, there could have been more factors that contributed to my overall well-being, such as: B. Better sleep and a general zen feeling.

I would definitely recommend this to a friend as the product was easy to use and had a soothing smell and mild and soothing green tea taste (although it was labeled as unflavored). CBD has such a negative connotation, thanks to the widespread misunderstanding that it contains THC or another form of weed. For people who want to improve their general well-being and "live their best lives", this product is an excellent start.

Price versus value

The tincture is available on their website for $ 65, but can often be offered for sale for $ 45.50. When it comes to selling, this is one of the cheaper ones I've seen for a 500 mg tincture, but it doesn't reflect the product badly as an inferior product or poor quality. For the taste, the soothing smell, the amount of CBD per bottle and the overall packaging, this is a bang for your buck. Canviva offers a 30% discount on one of their products every month. Many companies offer a subscription price to convince customers to pay a lower price. However, you can easily stock up on this product when it is available for sale, as fewer than many companies charge a recurring subscription price.

Company information

As mentioned in the title, the company is called Canviva and the website is https://www.canviva.com/. The company, based in Minnetonka, MN, is based in the United States and every purchase supports local business in North America, which is very important to me.


My final conclusion about the company and the product is that it is a man-made premium product and not just a company that wants to make money. I liked the bright and cheerful logo on the bottle, the taste and smell of the tincture and the super helpful website. I was humble to rate such a product that was developed by such an incredible company. I urge anyone who wants to use CBD to deal with various health issues to test Canviva. Their products include tinctures, current products and even pet products! Enjoy your newly discovered CBD products and leave a comment below on the product you ultimately bought!


Beth Edmonds