CBD and girls: new research show the well being advantages!


What is the problem?

"Indeed, research associates CBD with the relief of certain symptoms and health conditions that disproportionately affect women."


Recent studies have shown that using CBD can help women in a unique and meaningful way. Unlike the traditional use of cannabis and hemp based products, CBD offers women health benefits without causing the same psychoactive effects of THC. Consuming CBD is easy because a drop under the tongue with a tincture, consuming food, or using a vape pen makes it easy to get the health benefits in a one-size-fits-all model. Women of all ages tend to use CBD to heal faster than ever, and studies show they take advantage of them.

CBD oil? Is it real

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Our CBD oil is made by extracting cannabidiol (CBD) from the cannabis plants we grow. Cannabidiol is one of the most important cannabinoids in cannabis plants. CBD is believed to be helpful in almost all areas of our mental and physical health. You can even take CBD as a daily supplement as a preventative measure instead of treating certain illnesses.

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Does it really help women?

This excerpt comes from the article we obtained.

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# 1: CBD can help relieve premenstrual syndrome and menstrual cramps

“Nobody enjoys the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome or menstruation. From painful, debilitating cramps and severe headaches to insomnia and mood swings, women have to go through a few difficult weeks every month. However, new research suggests that CBD contains properties that can alleviate many of these symptoms. CBD could relieve pain, improve your mood, reduce anxiety and increase relaxation, and help you regulate your sleep. "

# 2: CBD can help reduce anxiety

Anxiety can be consuming and painful. While everyone can develop fear, women suffer twice as often as men. Anxiety can significantly affect your quality of life and your ability to enjoy daily activities. However, numerous studies suggest that CBD can effectively reduce anxiety and stress and relieve symptoms in many women.

# 3: CBD can help fight cervical cancer

While research is only at the preclinical stage, many experts believe that CBD could prevent the spread of cervical cancer cells. Cervical cancer is a dangerous disease that affects thousands of women every year and many do not survive. If CBD can stop the spread of cells, it can help women avoid deadly stages and prevent their death.

# 4: CBD can help women with autoimmune diseases

Many women suffer from autoimmune diseases such as lupus, celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, arthritis and multiple sclerosis. While every fifth American adult has autoimmune disease, 75% of those affected are women. Autoimmune diseases cause severe inflammation and pain – and research shows that CBD can significantly reduce inflammation and provide relief.

# 5: CBD can reduce the risk of diabetes

Early research shows that CBD may reduce the risk of diabetes in women. In one study, researchers gave CBD to female mice that were not obese but prone to diabetes. The study found that only 32% of mice taking CBD developed diabetes, while 100% of the untreated group developed diabetes.

# 6: CBD can help reduce seizures

Many women suffer from debilitating seizures that result from fluctuations in electrical activity in the brain. CBD can control seizure symptoms and these electrical impulses. A study in the New England Journal of Medicine examined the effects of CBD on young people with Dravet syndrome, a form of epilepsy. The group receiving CBD reduced their seizures by 38.9% – a significant decrease.

# 7: CBD can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

Many women suffer from heart disease, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases. Experts found that taking CBD can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. One study found that CBD could reduce the effects of atherosclerosis, which is the result of LDL or bad cholesterol. Although these results are not conclusive, they could indicate a potential health benefit of the substance.

# 8: CBD is a form of pain relief

CBD has significant analgesic properties that can benefit many women who suffer from chronic pain, painful periods, invisible diseases, and much more. Some studies found that CBD significantly reduced pain and inflammation in mice and rats, while another study found that CBD can provide pain relief to human patients without negative drug side effects.

Why is it important?

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CBD oil has been associated with relief and help for anxiety, depression, heart problems, pain management, common symptoms for you and your pets

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