CBD Tinctures – A Healthy Lifestyle Aid


10000mg cbd tinctures

CBD has become a popular product over the past decade. This is because it relieves many symptoms and helps treat many ailments with minimal side effects. It is in many products from balms to sublingual tinctures and it is even an additive to food and beverages. It has become so popular it is not uncommon to find CBD products in grocery stores and pharmacies.

CBD tinctures are a healthy lifestyle aid. They can be used to promote sleep, relieve pain and anxiety, and help with other conditions like epilepsy or inflammation. But what exactly is a CBD tincture? A CBD tincture is an extract that has been created by infusing cannabinoid rich hemp oil into alcohol or oil. The end result is an essence that can be applied topically or taken as a drink (often mixed in water). There are many different ways to make CBD tinctures, but it’s important to know the best practices for using them so you get the most out of your product!

So how does it work?

We all have a unique system called the Endocannabinoid System, which is a network of receptors, metabolic enzymes, and endocannabinoids. This system works to keep the body in homeostasis.


Usually, the body will make its own endocannabinoids but as we age and if we are unwell, the body does not do this efficiently. Fortunately, the cannabinoids in CBD are so similar to the ones our body makes that CBD endocannabinoids are sufficient to supply our body with these necessary molecules.


The Endocannabinoid System in your body

CBD can reduce inflammation by slowing the body’s response and reaction. In this same way, it can also reduce the amount of pain experienced. The body creates inflammation as a reaction to an injury. In the case of arthritis, the immune system reacts to fight off infection within the body by creating inflammation that in turn leads to pain. The body cannot distinguish between a reoccurring reaction and a new one, making the pain and inflammation cycle a reoccurring ailment.


CBD can slow and calm this response creating better mobility and lowering the pain experienced by the user. Topicals and tinctures work very well for arthritis and injuries. While topicals can just work on one area, tinctures can work within the body to bring the systems back into homeostasis.


Many CBD users report better sleep, elevated mood, less pain, increased endurance, and overall better quality of life.

High Strength CBD Tinctures

One of the main errors people make when trying CBD is to opt for a low dosage and subsequently, they do not find relief. A good dosage to start with is 30mg – 50mg per day. Many research studies have found that a dosage of 150mg – 250mg is needed daily to combat tough pain. CBD does need to be used every day to continue to combat symptoms.

Fortunately, Hempstrax has created a high-quality, affordable product. Hempstrax 5,000mg CBD tincture is currently on sale where you receive two bottles for the price of one. The tinctures are created by blending CBD Distillate with Organic MCT oil and Organic edible essential oils for flavoring.


For those looking for a high strength tincture, it is also available as a  10,000 mg CBD tincture. This bottle allows you to be able to use less of the tincture on days when pain is not so extreme. The Isolate product  is available as a  20,000mg CBD tincture, making it one of the strongest tinctures on the market.

20,000mg CBD tincture


How CBD can help overall wellness

CBD is not only for treating pain and inflammation. It is also effective in helping to treat anxiety and depression. Research studies have shown that Broad Spectrum CBD reduces the symptoms of anxiety by more than half.


CBD can also be used for general well-being and preventative health. Keeping the body healthy and in homeostasis is key to feeling well.

CBD can help you recover more quickly from a workout or training session making it popular with athletes. It can help to reduce overall muscle soreness and it can ensure a better night’s sleep.


Beth Edmonds