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Name of the company: CBDPure
website: https://www.cbdpure.com/
Product (s) are checked: CBDPure CBD hemp oil 300 mg and 600 mg
Direction / Tagline: While this brand may not be quite as flashy as some other CBD brands, CBDPure has been around since the beginning of the industry and there must be a good reason why … Find out how CBDPure can hold up against other options in our review CBDPure Review.

At a glance

Clean, straightforward appearance, not a lot of gimmicks or trendy branding efforts. The focus is on the product. Bottle shows that CBD Pure is a member of the Hemp Industries Association – an organization that has served the hemp industry for nearly 25 years.Oil has a clear, golden color that is consistent and shows no signs of particulate or separation. The viscosity and texture of the liquid is consistent as no additives such as MCT, olive oil, or other non-hemp diluents are used.


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After reviewing CBDPure’s sourcing and quality standards, it is evident that this company really believes that quality comes first in their products. There’s a reason “Pure” is included in their brand name. Everything about their CBD line is based on purity, with no additional flavors, blenders, or other gimmicks. If you want the effects that only result from pure full-spectrum CBD oil with minimal processing, CBDPure is the place for you.
Hemp source: CBDPure is made from hemp that is organically grown on family farms in Washington and Colorado. It contains only natural ingredients and is below 0.3% THC
Extraction process: CBDPure uses a chemical-free CO2 extraction process to extract its full spectrum cannabinoid mixture from the hemp plant. This is far superior to other methods as it does not contain toxins and does not affect the natural state of the extract or uses chemicals like hexane or butane.
Production / quality standards: CBDPure follows these standards to ensure the quality of their products: Testing the soil and agricultural land for toxins and chemical residues Plants from hemp seeds that have not been genetically modified (not genetically modified) Growing CBD-rich hemp without the use of chemical pesticides and Herbicides Only use chemical-free natural fertilizers during the growing season.Hemp plants only harvest with manual and mechanical methods.Extract cannabidiol from our hemp biomass without chemical solvents, only CO2 filling.CBD oil with only naturally obtained hemp carrier oil.Add non-natural additives or preservatives for our finished CBD products

Laboratory tests: While many companies only submit their products for cannabinoid profile tests that are below our minimum score for proper CBD product testing, CBD Pure goes way beyond that with its laboratory tests to ensure that their products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Based on third-party laboratory reports from Trace Analytics, CBD Pure products have been tested and approved using the following tests: cannabinoid profiling, pesticide testing, microbiological screening, terpene analysis, and residual solvent testing. It is important to note that CBD Pure products have a full spectrum and are therefore not “THC-free” and contain trace amounts of THC that are below the legal level. However, some users may still have concerns.

CBDPure Review


The hemp oil tincture from CBDPure was characterized by a natural hemp aroma with the mild, nutty taste of hemp seed oil and a slightly oily texture that only left a slight residue in the mouth for a short time. The natural taste of hemp CBD oil is not preferred by everyone, but the taste of CBDPure oil was not strong or unpleasant. As a completely natural product, this taste is to be expected and a positive attribute of a high quality CBD product.

Price versus value

CBDPure Hemp Oil is available in the following strengths and prices: 300 mg – $ 29.99 600 mg – $ 54.99 1000 mg – $ 79.99 CBDPure occasionally offers discounts on its social media profiles and offers in its e- Mail Newsletters A Impressive 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Ads The Brand’s Trust In Their Product And Commitment To Delivering Value Given the level of testing and quality that CBDPure brings to their products, CBDPure offers compared to other CBD Full spectrum oils have a good value

CBDPure Review

Corporate reputation

CBDPure shows a clear commitment to quality products and serving its customers. The company doesn’t list product reviews on its website. However, the brand is rated on various platforms including: CBD Pure Facebook Profile: 4.0 / 5.0 (based on 32 ratings) CBD Pure Leafly Profile: 4.6 / 5.0 (based on 11 ratings) CannaInsider CBD Pure rating: 4.93 / 5.0

The best thing is that the company maintains a perfect A + rating with the BBB.

Should you try the product name?

Because of the properties we found using the oils and capsules, CBD Pure is a great option to try. This company has been around from the start, which goes a long way in an industry where trust is so important. Based on our review, we had a great experience with CBDPures 600 Hemp Oil and Capsules, but one thing we would love to see in the future is higher concentrations in the topical CBD cream to match the high potency of their CBD oils and capsules .

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