CBDPure CBD Cream & Softgel Review


Purity is emphasized in so many aspects of life that it makes sense that you would want your CBD to be pure too. That is why the company CBDPure was born! This fantastic CBD company has four products that are lovingly made with some of the purest CBD in the country: oils, softgels, creams, and even CBD for pets. Today we’re going to be reviewing the CBD softgels and creams, but feel free to check out the company’s other products as well. We’ll start by looking at the actual product and then going through some information from the company. Let’s begin!

CBDPure company information

CBDPure strives to provide its customers with the highest quality CBD, which is enforced by their “bottom-to-oil” mentality. Their collection of CBD products ranges from topicals and softgels to pet treats and oils. Their website looks simple at first, but there is a wealth of information on the company’s hemp, CBD content, and FAQs scattered throughout the website. I loved how detailed the company went to provide as much information as possible about CBD. Novice and intermediate users alike will appreciate the special features the company has on literally anything CBD related.

Price vs. Value

CBDPure’s website focuses on four different types of products that are affordable and can be ordered in multiple quantities. The CBD infused cream is $ 39.99, but you can save about 15% by ordering three or 30% off six at a time. The same goes for the CBD softgels, which cost $ 89.99 for a month’s delivery (30 softgels). When you buy a delivery for three or six months, the price drops by 15% and 30%, respectively, resulting in large orders instead of a subscription-based price. The more you buy at once, the more you save!

Packaging & ingredients

The tube with CBD Infused Cream was delivered in a tall white paper box with light green accents and bold lettering. The packaging and tube contained instructions for use, specific warnings, and sales information. The ingredients are listed on the tube, the packaging and the company website: Water (Aqua), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Menthol, Polyacrylamide, Full Spectrum Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Oil, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Squalane, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Prunus Armeniaca (apricot) seed oil, sodium hyaluronate, Salix Alba (white willow) bark extract, phenoxyethanol, Laureth-7, ethylhexylglycerin, glycerin.

The CBD softgels I received came in a convenient 7-day pill box with the day listed in raised initials (Sunday = S, Monday = M, etc.) and corresponding braille. There was 1 identical softgel per section, so you can easily keep track of which daily portion was last consumed. This particular packaging clearly showed the company’s website and logo and nothing else, but the bottle listed on the website showed the recommended dosage, usage, and warnings on the label. Each softgel contains a whopping 25 mg of CBD per softgel, made from natural and organic hemp oil. No additional ingredient information was listed on the website or label, such as: B. vegan. If you are trying to adhere to a particular lifestyle, be aware that this product may affect your personal preferences.

Product rating: CBD softgels

I was able to open the divided pill box and fish out the single CBD softgel. I noticed that the softgel was a deep brownish yellow that was very similar to pure virgin olive oil. The softgel was very squishy when I rolled it between my thumb and forefinger, but surprisingly, it didn’t burst even under extreme pressure. The softgel flattened a little, but it didn’t stop me from swallowing it in one gulp. The softgel went off slightly and was tasteless and left no aftertaste. I recommend taking this with a sip of water to make it easier to swallow, but otherwise this was an extremely easy product to consume. One fun thing to note: when I burped, I could taste the taste of hemp! No downside to the product, just something fun that I wasn’t expecting. Remember, CBD products are designed to be consumed over a long period of time before results are seen. CBD does not contain any psychoactive elements, unlike Delta-8 THC, which we have already reviewed several products of on our website. Now let’s dive into the CBD Infused Cream Review!

Product Rating: CBD Infused Cream

The CBD enriched cream is designed to relieve pain in muscles and joints. Since I tend to have neck pain from sitting for long periods of time, I decided to use my neck and the back of my hand as test points. The cream is sealed with a foil pull tab to make sure no one has used the cream in front of me. I unscrewed the flip-off cap, tore off the foil, and screwed the cap back onto the tube. I opened the flip-off cap and gently squeezed the tube a few times to smell the scent of the cream. I noticed a very pungent smell of menthol, similar to Vick’s VapoRub. I squeezed a little of the cream on my hand and found the cream to be a light cream color and very thin, similar to a lotion. I spread the cream on my palm and neck. While the menthol scent increased after spreading it on my hand and neck, there was a very faint tingling sensation as the menthol penetrated my skin (much stronger on my neck than on my hand). The cream dried quickly and clearly, leaving my ski feeling soft and luxurious. There was no residue or a sticky feeling left, and I felt my neck pain ease slightly as it was replaced with the menthol tingling sensation that sank into my skin. I loved how the menthol soothed my neck pain and gently relaxed the muscles. The menthol tingling persisted for several minutes and the scent was soothing every time I smelled it. I recommend this to anyone in need of instant pain relief, especially for the neck!

Hemp quality

Unlike many companies that outsource their hemp, CBD Pure grows its own certified organic industrial hemp without any pesticides or herbicides. The hemp is high in CBD and is used in the manufacture of their CBD oil, which is poured into their many products. Their hemp is 100% legal for consumption in the United States as it contains less than 0.3% THC, making shipping legal across the country. The company adheres to the strict manufacturing guidelines of the cGMP and follows the strict protocol for improved quality control.

Laboratory tests

CBD Pure controls and tests every step in the manufacture of its products to ensure that the products are the best, most natural CBD in the industry. Their commitment to excellence is proven through the use of independent third-party laboratory tests. For each product, the test results and batch reports are listed on the company website (which you can view here) so that potential customers can calmly click through the test results and scroll through the test results. Just scroll to the bottom of the page, click the Lab Test Results tab and select the product that you are interested in.


CBDPure delivered exactly what was promised: high-CBD products made from pure premium CBD that are great for everyday use to improve overall wellbeing. The products were of high quality and were delivered simply packaged. The simple website had tons of information about CBD, how to use it, where the hemp came from, and answers to many common questions. I was very excited to try these products out and encouraged anyone looking to add CBD to their daily routines to try these products out.

Have you tried any of the CBDPure products? Which ones did you like and why? Share your experience in the comments below! Here at CBD Origin we are committed to testing and reviewing products so you know what to expect when you buy. All of our products are sourced from high quality companies to ensure you are getting the best quality CBD at the best prices. If you have any questions about any of the CBD products we reviewed, or are curious about a brand that we haven’t reviewed yet, you can always reach us by email. We would be happy to share our information about the hemp plant and all of its cannabinoids with you! Next time, stop by us to review more CBD and Delta-8 THC products, this time from Frisco Labs!


Beth Edmonds