Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review


The world of CBD is jam-packed with different types of products including delicious gums, tasty CBD oils, and calming themes. However, one type of product does not require external equipment, has excellent bioavailability, and is one of the easiest products to measure, dose and consume. If you guessed CBD oils / oil drops you are correct! Today we have a premium hemp extract oil from Charlotte’s Web made by the Stanley Brothers. We tested one of Charlotte’s web products earlier this year: CBD Medic Back & Neck Pain Relief Ointment. Let’s take a look at the hemp extract oil now because such a great product has already been tested!


Charlotte’s Web uses the US grown hemp that is extracted with a 100% CO2 formulation. In this environmental process, carbon dioxide is used as a cleaner and safer way to extract the CBD to confirm that there are no negative effects on the environment left. Their CBD products are designed to help manage daily stress, recover from pain and inflammation, and help you sleep better by regulating your sleep cycle. The CBD contains naturally occurring terpenes, phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, essential fatty acids and more. Charlotte’s Web doesn’t use artificial colors or additives, which means the color of the extract can vary depending on the batch. This ensures that the hemp extract is pure and as natural as possible.

Laboratory tests

Charlotte’s Web offers a Certificate of Analysis on all products. It was a little difficult to find the results of the lab tests. However, if you hover over the Explore tab, you will see a small drop-down menu. The menu shows a COA tab that you can click on. There you can enter your batch number and the results of this batch number will be displayed. The Certificate of Analysis confirms that the product contains what it claims to contain, including the number of cannabinoids found and the quality of the hemp used. All Charlotte’s Web products contain less than 0.3% THC, making them legally available for resale under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Packing information

The packaging for Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Drops was very reassuring to look at. The dark 30ml bottle was light enough to see how much liquid was left, but dark enough to protect the delicate oil from harmful sunlight. The markings on the bottle were very unique. Most CBD oil drops are packaged to show the total number of CBD in the bottle (1000 mg, 500 mg, etc.). However, Charlotte’s Web took a different approach and shows the amount of CBD per milliliter. This got a bit confusing when tanning the site, but it was a very effective way of showing how much CBD you would be consuming in a single drop. To see how much CBD is in a whole bottle, you need to do some simple calculations: Our 30ml bottle had 11mg per serving (1ml), which means there was roughly 330mg of CBD per bottle.

The CBD oil was packaged in a thin paper box that had a relaxing olive green hue that matched the label on the actual bottle. The company’s name was displayed vertically, along with the hemp strength, flavor, and bottle size indicated on the front. The right side of the label showed the list of additional fats and ingredients: a two dropper serving size equal to 1 ml, and there were 30 servings per container. The ingredients list included full strength hemp extract, fractionated coconut oil, organic mint chocolate flavor, organic sunflower oil, and natural flavors. Instructions for suggested use were displayed in white letters (a smart choice for such a dark label), along with storage warnings and restricted use. The manufacturing information and the company’s phone number have also been included so that you can easily see and contact where the product came from.

One thing that surprised me about the packaging information was that the lot number and expiration date were on the actual label instead of the bottom of the bottle. This made it easy to look up the CoA on the company website which was a nice touch.

Finally, there weren’t any clear instructions on how to use the product, although it’s a fairly straightforward process. Shake well, release the contents of the dropper under the tongue and hold for 60-90 seconds before swallowing. Since there isn’t a specific dosage of CBD that is generally recommended, you will need to do some experimentation with the amount of CBD that will work for you. With that said, let’s take a look at Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil and see what the taste, texture, and overall product are like!


Even before I completely unscrewed the child-resistant dropper, I could smell a syrupy, sweet scent mixed with hemp. After the entire pipette was removed, I held the bottle close to my nose and smelled a tasty sweetness that was immediately recognizable as mint, chocolate and hemp. I noticed the dropper was unmarked to show CBD oil levels once the liquid was inside. The liquid was light yellow in color and texture similar to olive oil. I squeezed the dropper a couple of times to withdraw the liquid and noticed that the dropper was only a little more than half full. The recommended serving size was two full droppers, which means I would need about 3-4 drops to reach the recommended dosage. I let go of the contents of the dropper under my tongue and found it was easy to hold it under my tongue. I felt a cooling sensation under my tongue that got stronger the longer I held it under my tongue. After about a minute, I swirled the CBD oil around my mouth to see how it tasted. It tasted very much like a peppermint patty and was lovely to swallow. The mint and chocolate aromas mixed together wonderfully and I tasted no hemp aroma at all. There was a slight sensation of menthol when swallowed, which stayed under my tongue and in my mouth and was extremely pleasant.

This was a delightful CBD oil and I appreciated the ingenuity of a mint and chocolate flavored CBD oil. The oil was easy to hold under my tongue and the cooling feeling was very relaxing. I would have preferred a graduated pipette to measure exactly how much I took and while the pipette only got halfway through, maybe this was a broken pipette and others will reach up. Overall, this was an adorable product that I enjoyed immensely and that I was able to use consistently.

Price versus value

I had some difficulty finding the exact product on the company’s website. The product I received for review is a 30ml bottle that contains 11mg of CBD per serving, but the next one I found on the website was a 30ml bottle of 7mg of CBD / 1 ml. The CBD oil was $ 29.99. However, if you chose the subscription option, you saved 10% on recurring purchases. There were several options for stronger CBD blends, such as 17 mg, 50 mg, and 60 mg per 1 ml, which come in a 30 ml or a 100 ml option. There are four different flavors that the CBD oil is available in: mint chocolate, lemon twist, orange blossom, and natural flavor. The wide range of strengths and flavors available allows potential and current customers to choose their size, strength and taste based on their preferences. There is also a frequent pop-up asking you to sign up for the mailing list to save 15% on your first order.

Charlotte’s web company information

Charlotte’s Web was started by seven brothers who wanted to change the world with their CBD products. Her passion and wonder for the outdoors encouraged her to create a fascinating line of CBD products that focus on improving the health of people, whether there are some or many. Their products have been featured on the Today Show, CNN and the New York Times. Their products are made up of oils, gums, capsules, topical products, and even pet treats, making it easy to incorporate CBD into everyday life.


Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil was a pleasure to review, and I would have loved to have reviewed more of their products in this article. The company’s website featured a variety of information for both novice and advanced CBD users, ranging from frequently asked questions to the differences between Charlotte’s Web. I really appreciated the effort put into designing the product and website as it shows the dedication Charlottes Web has to its customers. Your CBD oil was delicious and healthy, and I encourage you to try it for yourself! That concludes our review of Charlotte’s Web for the moment, but we’ll have another review for you soon, this time for CBD Pure products! If you have any questions about this or any of the other CBD products we’ve tested, don’t hesitate to get more information! CBD is becoming an integral part of homeopathic medicine and we are excited to introduce you to new products that you can incorporate into your life every day!


Beth Edmonds