China Claims Hashish Legalization is a Risk


In a press conference last Monday, deputy director of China’s Narcotics Control Commission, Liu Yuejin, claimed that cannabis legalization in Canada and the United States has become a “new threat” to China.

According to Yuejin, the number of Cannabis users in China grew to over 24,000 people (a 25 percent increase compared to last year) and over 100 packages with cannabis-related products were seized by the Chinese government, containing a total of approximately 121 pounds of cannabis.

While there is no direct correlation between North American exports and this rather unnoteworthy spike in cannabis-related statistics in China, Yuejin blames the influence of North America’s moves towards cannabis legalization.

To most Americans, especially those in states with broad cannabis laws, the statistics reported by Yuejin may seem quite low, but the Chinese government has a very different view of Cannabis.

In China, Cannabis is strictly prohibited. If someone is found in possession of even a small amount, they’ll probably get thrown in jail, and those found guilty of possessing over 50g could face the death penalty. 

Evidently, the Chinese government does not tolerate any amount of Cannabis whatsoever, hence their seemingly exaggerated response to the increased presence of cannabis.

The Chinese government has yet to announce how it intends to address its new threat, but its clear that China is definitely not a travel destination you should bring cannabis to.


Beth Edmonds