Christmas hashish presents for each kind of pal


Christmas is just around the corner and it is expected to be a lonelier affair than usual. An easy way to feel closer to your friends this year is to send them thoughtful gifts. An even better way is to send them thoughtful weed gifts.

Making cannabis gifts is getting easier every year. New products are aimed at a wide variety of people, from canna-curious to seasoned consumers.

Here are some gift ideas for this holiday season:

For your friend who needs to relax

Photo from Pharma Hemp Complex via Unsplash

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Relaxation is a booming business, especially when it comes to CBD. CBD products, no matter how they are packaged, are designed for relaxation, making them ideal gifts for anyone who has lived through this crazy year. Brands like Vertly, Rosebud CBD, and Prima are great for soaking, salting, and bombing CBD and hemp baths, leaving people refreshed and smooth-skinned.

The market for oils and tinctures is even larger. Cannabis tinctures and oils promote relaxation and wellbeing, aptly vague terms that still make interesting gifts. Top-rated brands include Kanibi, Standard Dose, and Pure Kana.

For your friend who is learning about weeds

For friends who want to experiment with cannabis, you can take the CBD route or send them some groceries and advise them to take it easy. The Brown Box Kitchen offers homemade treats, while the popular Kiva Confections offer bespoke options.

If your loved one is interested in vaping, you can also send them a disposable THC or CBD pen which you can find at G-Pen in different styles and prices.

For the seasoned stoner

BongPhoto by Secret Agent Mike / Getty Images

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Seasoned stoners are the most difficult to please as they know their way around a joint or bong and probably already know what they like. If you’ve noticed your friend has a crappy or musty looking bong, you can buy a nice glass or silicone version. If you’ve never tried a cannabis method like blotting, you can buy them a swab that’s simple, portable, and much more accessible than a rig.

For someone who is difficult to buy

If your friend doesn’t fall under either of these categories, you can always go the cool way. Tokyo Smoke makes some of the coolest items, from shirts to pens to pipe chains. All of them look like they were made by a chic designer, which is actually the case. You don’t always have to use a book cover to roll joints. Weed trays are pretty useful and can actually look great, like this one from Keith Haring.


Beth Edmonds