Coca-Cola and CBD: are the rumors lastly achieved?


In late 2018, Bloomberg reported that the beloved Coca-Cola Co. had spoken with Aurora Cannabis in Canada about drinks with underwhelming CBD. Coca-Cola's spokesman, Kent Landers, said in an email that the company was considering CBD as a potential ingredient for “wellness drinks around the world”.

Although the report specifically stated that Landers made no comments on interactions with Aurora, Aurora's shares rose an astonishing 23 percent, and some other stocks in the cannabis industry saw a similar increase. The excitement that something like cannabidiol, a cannabis derivative, could potentially become part of one of the five most valued brands in the world has caused a stir in the CBD industry.

However, throughout 2019, Coca-Cola has denied rumors of a joint venture with the cannabis industry. At Berkshire Hathaway's annual general meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, major shareholders expressed concerns that cannabis could affect the brand's ever-healthy image. However, the social stigma subsides and CBD usually doesn't show up in a drug test.

A YouTube video by "Gabor the Blind Guy" recently sparked speculation that Coca-Cola is in the works with CBD. The video maker claimed that his father had been approached by "Coca-Cola in Canada" to manufacture a sealing machine that could be used to make Coca-Cola cans child-proof. The video has since been deleted.

Yesterday, Coca-Cola spokesman Kent Landers again tried to suppress speculation that the company would enter the CBD market. Landers told Fox Business that the rumors that Coca-Cola intended to make a drink enriched with hemp oil were simply wrong. He further explained:

"As we have said many times, we have no plans to enter the CBD market."

In the ever-evolving CBD industry, large food manufacturers have shown interest in CBD-infused products, including those from Ben & Jerry, but real predictions about CBD products are difficult to make. However, one thing is certain, it looks like the world will only know for sure that they can get a can of coke with CBD if it shows up on the store shelves. Everything that comes before this day must be dismissed as speculation.


Beth Edmonds