Combining beer and weed: a match made in heaven


Cannabis and the hops in beer are cousins, both members of the Cannabaceae plant family. These two plants share many similarities in terms of physical and chemical properties, so it makes sense that they complement each other naturally. Both also have resinous green flowers that produce terpenes, which are responsible for pungent flavors and delicious tastes.

Terpenes play a big role in a beer’s taste profile. In cannabis, however, they not only affect the overall taste and aroma, but also the high taste. Cannabis and hops actually share many of the same terpenes as myrcene, pinene, and humulene. There’s a reason people use the same descriptors to talk about weeds and beer: earthy, floral, skunky, citrus, spices, etc.

Here is a list of beers and the perfect types of weeds to compliment them. Enjoy!

IPAs and Skunks

Super skunkSkunk. (Leafly)

India Pale Ales, currently the world’s most popular beer, takes over the beer aisle at your local grocery store. Hops and yeast are responsible for the unique taste profile. During fermentation, the yeast accumulates in ales at the top of the tank and creates an aromatic flavor profile in the finished product.

Skunk weed strains are the perfect addition to an IPA because they can withstand the bold flavors of the beer. Skunk # 1 is a fantastic heirloom strain that was created in the 1970s, and Skunk # 1 crosses are easy to find – they usually have “Skunk” in their name.

Skunk tribes have a reputation for being uplifting and euphoric – a great daily high. If you can’t find the classic Skunk # 1, Lemon Skunk, Pineapple Skunk, and Skunk 47 are popular crosses that do justice to the original.

If you’re looking for a tasty IPA, Dankful from Sierra Nevada, Zombie Dust from 3 Floyds, and Voodoo Ranger from New Belgium are great places to start.

Stouts and XJ-13

Jack Herer(Leafly)

Stouts get their unique chocolate and coffee flavor profile from roasted barley. You probably don’t want to drink a stout while out in the hot sun, but these lovely dark beers are perfect for winter when you want to be cozy inside.

Stouts are often aged in bourbon barrels for a deeper, more complex flavor. They’re also perfect for adding nitro-carbon dioxide, which reduces the richness of the beer by creating a livelier mouthfeel.

Fruity aromas complement the chocolate in stouts. Chocolate notes offer a deep, earthy sweetness, and citrus notes are livelier and hotter.

Which strain goes better with a stout than XJ-13? Its citrus sweetness merges with the chocolate notes of a stout, and the XJ-13’s jaws mix with the coffee and earthy flavors of the stout.

XJ-13 is also a great compliment because it keeps your mind happy and active: it is considered a great social burden. You might want to stay cozy indoors while it snows, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to fall asleep on the couch.

Sour beers and sour OG

acid diesel(Leafly)

Sour beers are the result of adding a Lactobacillus culture to an ale during brewing and making a beer that – you guessed it – is acidic and acidic. Some acids also contain fruit to offset this sour taste. Sour beers are definitely an acquired taste, but they have a very loyal following.

Like sour beers, sour varieties are often an acquired taste. But once you get that loud aroma and pungent taste profile, there is nothing like it. Sour Diesel is legendary in the cannabis world and its descendants are also making a name for themselves.

Sour OG is a cross of Sour Diesel and OG Kush – two powerful weed strains that contain the best of both parents. Not only does Sour OG offer the classic taste profile for sour diesel, the OG Kush also adds a bit of earthiness that smooths everything out. This strain is very powerful and will make both your head and body hum. It generally comes on quickly, with a long and relaxing tail.

For sour ales, be sure to check out La Folie by New Belgium, Miami Madness by J Wakefield Brewing, or Veruca Snozzberry Gose by Funky Buddha Brewery.

Wheat beers and lavender

lavenderLavender. (Leafly)

Wheat beers get their unique properties from grain that is added during the brewing process, which affects the taste and body of the beer. Wheat beers tend to be softer and creamier than other lightly colored beers and offer an almost banana-like taste with a hint of spice. If you want a light beer with the feel of a strong beer, wheat beers are simply delicious.

A smooth beer requires a smooth strain. Lavender is a wonderful strain that is making a name for itself with a unique terpene profile. The terpene linalool is not usually found in large amounts in cannabis, but if it does, a little will do. This terpene is responsible for the floral aroma of cannabis, the perfect combination for the earthy sweetness of a wheat beer. The effects of lavender are known to relax you and make you giggle, a huge burden when you want to relax after a long day.

Wheat beers are relatively common, and you can find quality local beers from brewers like Blue Moon and Shock Top at your local grocery store. But Belgian and German wheat beers set standards in this market: Be sure to check out the wheat beer from Spaten Franziskaner or, for a darker wheat, try the Hefeweissbier Dunkel from Weihenstephaner.

Stock and pineapple piece

Pineapple piecePineapple piece. (Leafly)

More lager beers are produced than any other beer in the world. Unlike ales, yeast accumulates during fermentation with deposits at the bottom of the tank, creating a beer that is crispy and refreshing. Adjectives that many of the big lager producers like Budweiser and Miller use to describe their beers.

Lager is the beer for everyone, so it’s best to choose a variety that offers a little bit of everything, something like Pineapple Chunk. They pick up notes of skunk and cheese and also get plenty of sweetness from the pineapple in their genetics. Often times, this strain even has a bit of CBD to soften the experience. This strain not only makes your body feel great, it also delivers an intense brain high. It’s an all round solid load.

If you’re looking for a tougher lager, try an Oktoberfest from Great Lakes Brewing Co., Solid Gold from Founders Brewing Co., or Prima Pils from Victory Brewing.

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