Crystal clear Delta-8 THC cartridge rating


For advanced Delta-8 THC users who are looking for a product that will provide a powerful state of body and mind in minutes, the crystal clear Delta-8 THC cartridge from Northwest Cannabis Solutions is just the thing! This cartridge is a discreet way to legally enjoy the powerful properties of the hemp plant with a euphoric and clear head. Cartridges are difficult to get used to, but provide great state of mind and body in less than 10 minutes. In this article, we are going to review both the company and the product. This particular product is only available in Washington state. If you live in the neighboring states, you may need to take a trip to learn about this product. But for the rest of us curious about this particular method of Delta-8 THC, let’s dive into this review and see how well this product actually works.

The NWCS website is extremely easy to navigate thanks to the simple categorization of products: groceries, concentrates (extracts), flowers and wellness products (themes and tinctures). In the concentrates sector, there are six companies that offer cartridges in various shapes (syringes, cartridges and vapes) as well as well-known types and flavors (gelato, tiger blood, pineapple, sour diesel, etc.). Since these products are only sold in Washington state, there is no way to buy them online or to pick them up in-store. The website is more of a catalog of the products available. Hence, there is no price or option to reserve a product in a specific location. There is a branch finder that you can use to enter your city or zip code. I typed the city of Spokane into the search box and was presented with a list of over 30 licensed medical and recreational pharmacies shipping NWCS products. The company’s headquarters and contact information, along with an extensive list of all the brands and products they sell (Crystal Clear, EZ Vape, Pure Ratios, Chewee’s, etc.) were also available. Unfortunately, if you do not live in Washington state, there is not much you can do to buy these products as there are no checkouts or discounts to buy online. If you happen to live in a state or are traveling, be sure to check out an NWCS pharmacy and try as many products as possible. But now let’s look at the 1000 mg cartridge called Electra.

Note: You will need a special pen-style vaporizer to use these cartridges. I used the $ 15.99 pilot battery from Vuber, which we’ll cover in a separate article.

Product rating

I was a little nervous about trying the 1000 mg Electra cartridge as it would be my first time using a Delta 8 THC cartridge. I held the cartridge to my nose and discovered a lemon-hemp taste that was very pungent, even just to smell. I screwed the cartridge into the bottom of my vaporizer and hit the button. I inhaled the steam for at least 6 to 10 seconds and waited for my lungs to fill and noticed that the taste and smell of citrus and hemp became much stronger in the smoke. I wanted to hold the steam in my lungs for a few seconds, but was overwhelmed by a coughing fit that brought tears to my eyes. This is a common problem for seasoned weed smokers and beginners, so I wasn’t too surprised, but it did take a few seconds before I could breathe comfortably again. My chest felt tight and my throat felt rough from coughing, and I kept rubbing my sternum to relieve the pain from coughing.

Even so, I was tempted to hit the pen again for better lung absorption. Since I didn’t want to double the effects, I decided to wait a few minutes to see if the Delta-8 THC worked, and rightly so! About five minutes after my first hit, I felt the effects slowly turning into a delightful high for both mind and body. My eyelids felt heavy and it was a struggle to keep my eyes open. There was a wonderfully pleasant tingling sensation on my hands and feet as well as a nice feeling of warmth. My chest still felt sore, but it was much more bearable and I soon forgot that I had coughed so hard. It felt like time was slowing down and I became very relaxed and euphoric. I noticed my high went from dizziness and laziness to alertness and sagacity. As I got up to walk around, I noticed a wavy sense of awareness, but no loss of balance or disorientation.

About 20 minutes after the high, I noticed that my throat was still very sore from coughing and it was painful to clear my throat. I felt a sharpness in my mouth, as if someone had stuffed a cotton ball into it. I took a sip of water and that instantly calmed my throat. My tongue felt slightly swollen and thick, but it wasn’t anything that alarmed or panicked me. I was pleased to see that my eyes weren’t red, but my eyelids still felt heavy and droopy. I was very relaxed and calm and got sleepy. I slumbered deeply and woke up in the morning refreshed and ready to start the day.

Laboratory tests

I could not find any laboratory test information on either the product or the Northwest Cannabis Solustion website. If you’ve tried this brand before and can confirm the use of independent third-party laboratory testing, please let me know in the comments below!

Hemp information

The Electra cartridge is a distillate of fully activated THC and CBD extracted with a proprietary blend of hydrocarbons. The product also uses ethanol winterization and molecular distillation, leaving no residual solvents in the finished product. There are pesticides used in this product, but all are approved by the WSLCB and I-502 pesticide list for organic cannabis growers in Washington state. The pesticides are OMRI listed and are used during the vegetation phase of the plant, but not during the flowering phase. This was unique in that many CBD and hemp companies are firmly against the use of pesticides, but Crystal Clear has taken great care to comply with government guidelines for pesticide use.

Product packaging

The cartridge came in very simple plastic and cardboard packaging, similar to the packaging for batteries. The company information as well as the product strength (1000 mg) and the product name (Electra) were clearly displayed on the front. On the front of the package was a fascinating list of cannabinoids, a whopping 89.5% of Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, CBN, and CBG. Although it is listed as a Delta 8 THC distillate, the packaging often refers to marijuana and is very strict that this product can only be legally manufactured, packaged, and distributed to people in Washington state within 21 years. There was no QR code, expiration date, or user instructions on the packaging. Aside from listing the cannabinoids on the front, there was no ingredient list or recommended dosage.

The cartridge was a unique experience for me as it was the first Delta-8 THC cartridge I tried. I was surprised by the intense coughing fit, but after the initial wheezing and choking, I wondered how quickly the THC started to work. The high was intense and lasted for several hours, which made me very relaxed and euphoric. I didn’t wake up once at night and had a dreamless sleep, which enabled me to start my morning quickly and without a “high hangover”. I recommend this product for advanced THC users, especially those who enjoy smoking. If this is your first time using Delta-8 THC, this product is definitely intense, but not impossible to use. It will take me some time to get used to the cough, but I enjoyed how quickly the THC started to work.

Keep in mind that your high can vary based on your weight, age, height, and previous experience with THC. Avoid multiple hits until you know how your body reacts to high levels of THC. This cartridge was powerful after just one hit, so multiple hits can result in the famous “couch lock” that causes drowsiness and lethargy and ultimately makes you powerless to get up and move around. When trying this product for the first time, make sure that you do not have to operate any devices or machines as the THC will slow your reaction time. Always ask your GP the first time you try THC products.

Have you tried any other Crystal Clear or Northwest Cannabis Sollutions products? Share your experience in the comments below! If you’ve tried Delta-8 THC cartridges before, this is a premium product with excellent taste and a strong high. I highly recommend this product to advanced THC users who are enjoying a relaxing high that can help them fall asleep and enjoy a deep sleep. This product is more intimidating for first-time users, but works wonders once you get used to it. If you have any questions about this or any other product we have tested, you can always contact us by email. We are happy to share our knowledge about the hemp plant with you in the hope that it can help you in your daily life. Check back soon for another review on a popular Delta-8 THC cartridge and tincture from Two-Hawk Hemp Co.!


Beth Edmonds