Customized Extracts CBD & CBG Tincture Review


If you know anything about CBD, you know that it comes from the hemp plant and can be used in a wide variety of products for the homeopathic treatment of a wide variety of problems. But did you know that the hemp plant contains other cannabinoids that can help you improve your overall health and wellbeing in a single product? The good people at Bespoke certainly do, which is evident in the product we’re about to review today: 3C 1200 Tincture, which combines CBD + CBG to help combat stress and anxiety. We reviewed Bespoke’s Gel Capsules back in January and now we have a powerful tincture to try today. Let’s begin!

In a world where literally anyone can make a CBD product without FDA regulation, it is important to confirm that the product contains what it claims to be and it has been tested to confirm the product’s accuracy and effectiveness. Bespoke uses certified organic hemp from the USA in all of its products, which is produced for ethical reasons. Their products are vegan, which means that no animal by-products are used in the manufacture of their products. Plus, they’re free from GMOs, gluten, pesticides, and herbicides.

Laboratory results

All Bespoke products are rigorously tested by independent third-party laboratories. Each product and its packaging have a scannable QR code that takes you directly to the results of the certificate of analysis on the website. If you’re curious about the lab results for a product that you don’t currently have in front of you, you can click the “Our Quality” tab at the top of the website and scroll down to view the lab results for each product. Clicking on the file will take you to a PDF file that will open on the page and allow you to scroll through multiple pages of full test results. The results include the full amount of CBD per recommended dosage, plus a terpene report that many CBD sellers don’t offer. This confirms that the products actually contain full-spectrum hemp and are not simply a mix of cheap CBD isolate with other ingredients.

Packing information

The packaging for the tincture was crisp and clean, with a white background and brightly colored petals embossed on the top and bottom of the thin paper box. The information on the packaging was the same as the product label, creating a sense of unity. The glass bottle was painted white so that neither the color nor the texture of the tincture nor the quantities remaining were visible. The right side of the label shows the 1ml serving size and the approximate servings per container. The list of ingredients was explained in detail: CBG distillate powder (CBG), full spectrum cannabinoids (CBD), linalool terpene, lime terpene, vitamin E (as mixed tocopherols), medium-chain triglycerides and blueberry and raspberry flavors. There was also store information and a disclaimer that the product contains less than 0.3% THC, making it legal for sale under the 2018 Farm Bill. The left side of the label lists recommended use, allergy information, and strong warnings about who should or should not use the products.

Product rating

I ripped off the plastic seal and unscrewed the dropper bottle. I held the bottle to my nose and noticed a strong hemp odor along with faint notes of citrus, which I found strange considering the tincture was berry-flavored. I squeezed the graduated drop nozzle and found that the tincture was a very dark yellow color, similar to exotic olive oils. I measured out a full milliliter of tincture and carefully released it under my tongue, where I held it for about a minute. The tincture was very oily and difficult to hold under my tongue. After the allotted time, I swirled the tincture in my mouth before swallowing. I didn’t taste the berry flavor and noticed that the aftertaste was bitter and lemony, almost like chewing a lemon peel. There was a light coating on the inside walls of my throat and tongue, and I needed a quick serving of water to clear the coating off my mouth and keep the aftertaste in place.

Company information

Custom made products have a unique approach to their products that is clearly listed on their website: women and athletes. For new and unsafe users, this categorization helps in choosing specific products for specific needs. The website offers a wide variety of information including an up-to-date blog, tabs at the top and bottom of each page, and relevant images for each product. Rather than attempting to fully reach the full range of CBD, Bespoke focuses on the specific needs of women and athletes, helping the user determine exactly what is needed and expected for their products. In addition to their gelcaps and tinctures, Bespoke offers creams, capsules, and tinctures made with Manuka honey that are sold individually or in bundles.

Price versus value

The 3C CBD & CBG 1200 mg tincture is available in either berry or mint flavor and costs $ 79. However, it can be divided into two payments via Sezzle. There is a chance to save a whopping 35% on a recurring subscription, 20% off when signing up for the mailing list, and 50% off for U.S. military veterans. Your purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping. The multiple ways to save money and the brief customer reviews on the site definitely encouraged repeat customers.

Should You Try Customized CBD Products?

If you want to maximize the use of CBD and enjoy the entourage effect of the hemp plant, this fusion of CBD and CBG in a single tincture is definitely not a product to overlook. I liked the reassuring packaging, graduated dropper, and the wealth of information listed on both the product packaging and the company’s website. I felt a little misled with the flavor as I couldn’t taste any berries and didn’t particularly like the thick coating and aftertaste. I would also have liked the bottle to be unpainted or at least tinted dark so I can see the remaining color, consistency and amount. That being said, this was a fantastic product that I recommend to users dealing with stress and anxiety.

I loved how Bespoke took the guesswork out of finding a suitable CBD product by clearly dividing the website into categories. There aren’t many articles on the site which is ideal for those who are easily overwhelmed by the amount of products available in the CBD industry. The clear mention of US organic hemp, cruelty free and GMO free was comforting and it felt good to consume a product that cared for both the environment and the individual.

Have you tried this or any of the other Bespoke products? Share your experience in the comments below! CBD has made great strides in managing stress, anxiety, insomnia, mild pain, and more. It is an honor to rate products that are designed to help those around you with both knowledge and high performing products. In our next article, we’ll examine some CBD and Delta-8 products from another powerhouse brand called Elevated Wellness. In a world where stress and anxiety are at their peak, it’s important to make sure that both your mind and body are in tune with the healing properties of CBD. If you have any questions about this or any other CBD product in our product reviews, please contact us! We are honored to assist you in your exploration of the vast and wonderful world of CBD products available on the market today!


Beth Edmonds