D8 THC Shop Delta-8 THC Softgel Review


Delta-8 THC disrupts the hemp industry in a big way! Finally a middle ground between CBD and marijuana that is both effective and legal! But how effective is it? We find out in this test of the softgels of the D8 THC Shop! Delta-8 THC has been touted as the “lite” version of marijuana, giving users a smoother, clearer high. Capsules are an easy way to test Delta-8 THC for the first time because they don’t require any external devices or waiting time. Just put a softgel in your mouth and swallow. No taste, no mess, no problem! Let’s dive into this review and take a closer look at this form of Delta-8 THC from the D8 THC shop.

The D8 THC Shop offers a wide range of products including Delta-8 THC, CBD and CBG. Their products include groceries, cartridges, flowers, pre-rolls, and a lot more, but today we’re focusing on their capsules. The 5-pack of Delta-8 THC capsules is priced at $ 24.99 on their website but can go on sale for $ 19.99. While there is no discount for repeat purchases or monthly subscriptions, there are pop-up windows that offer additional discounts like 10% off your total order.

The capsules were about the size of an Advil Liqui-Gel, if not a little smaller. The capsule was yellow and clear and had felt squishy when I rolled between my thumb and forefinger. I always like to squeeze the capsules to see how difficult it is to pop. These capsules were very pressure-resistant and did not explode even under very strong pressure. The label stated that the capsules contained 30 mg Delta-8 THC per capsule, which is more than the traditional 25 mg Delta-8 THC content of other foods and capsules. The first time you use Delta-8 THC, one of these should be tried if you have a few hours to kill and no machines or vehicles are used during that time. Taking more than one of these capsules can lead to overwhelming sleepiness and lethargy. So stick to only one capsule per session. We’ll go through the product’s packaging later in this review, but now let’s look at the actual product and its effects!

Product rating

Due to the small size of the capsules, this was a very easy product to consume. I put a softgel in my mouth and rinsed it off with a sip of water. I noticed that there was no taste or aftertaste after swallowing it. Around 10:30 p.m. I took the softgel and felt the effects in just 30 minutes.

The high started gently and intensified over the next hour and a half, leading to a full blown body and mind high. I noticed that my eyes felt very heavy and I had difficulty keeping them fully open, resulting in a slight squint. My eyes also got bloodshot during the high which gave me the appearance of rabbit eyes. I felt a slight pressure on my sinuses and felt very relaxed and euphoric. I was still able to maintain control of the high that lasted several hours before I fell asleep. For a tiny softgel, this particular Delta-8 THC product gave me a very pleasant high.

Because of their high Delta 8 THC content, I would recommend these capsules to users who have already experienced Delta 8 THC levels with other products. Delta-8 THC high can be influenced by a number of factors including exposure to Delta-9 THC, weight, height, age, etc. The first time you use Delta-8 THC you may experience drowsiness or lethargy when taking one take too high a dose. You should consult your family doctor the first time you start a delta-8 THC routine.

Laboratory tests

The D8 THC shop conducts independent third-party laboratory tests on all of its products. To see the results of these tests, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Labs tab. Once the Labs page loads, you can read about how lab tests work and why D8 THC Shop runs tests on their products. If you scroll down in the middle of the page you can view the lab results for both the CBD and Delta-8-THC products. Click the product for which you want to view the results. A new window with the full laboratory test results will appear. Lab tests are expensive and the fact that D8 THC Shop has tested every single one of their products is pretty impressive. I appreciated the careful organization it took to create drop down menus for the Hemp, Delta-8 THC, and CBD products. This organization and commitment to quality shows that D8 THC Shop cares about the user experience and is committed to excellence in every product.

Hemp information

All of the hemp used in the D8 THC shop is grown locally on an Oregon hemp farm and is not synthesized in the laboratory. Their flowers, cartridges, and tinctures are naturally sourced from organic hemp and processed in a U.S. manufacturing facility where the hemp products are 100% American based. This commitment to high quality shows that the D8 THC shop cares more about its customers than about the potential profits that could be made by outsourcing it.

Product packaging

The 5-pack came in a small pouch that was clear on the front to demonstrate the size and color of the capsules. A single circular sticker on the front had a large “D8” in the center, with the company’s website listed under the large D8. There was more information on the back of the pouch such as the product name, amount, mg per capsule, and the company’s website. There was a QR code that took you straight to the company website when you scan it. While the serving size and servings per container were clearly indicated on the package, there was no expected start time or expiration date on the package. Capsules are usually expected to work within an hour of consumption, but I would have loved to see something that explained how long the high would last and how long it would take to set in. Expiration dates are not that common products with Delta-8 THC, and most capsules / capsules have an expiration date of 1 year from the date of manufacture.

The ingredients list was very simple: MCT oil made from palm trees, tapio starch, and delta-8 THC made from 100% hemp. The packaging itself was very plain, perfect for minimalists. There were no bright colors or bold fonts, just simple phrasing and no nonsense. Finally, on the back of the label, it said that the capsules were gluten-free, vegan, GMO-free and made in the USA.

The package itself gave me no problems opening and was small enough to slip into a jacket pocket or small pocket without becoming a nuisance. This product delivered a strong high and I really enjoyed the experience, but there was nothing remarkable about the packaging.

D8 THC Shop supplied a high quality Delta-8 THC product that was so easy to use but powerful to experience. Their website has a fascinating selection of Delta-8 THC products such as cartridges, pre-rolls, groceries, vape juice, flowers and much more. I could easily have spent hours browsing their huge range of products and was curious to see what their Delta-8 THC baked goods were like. If you try these please let me know how it was!

The company’s website felt very simple, but after clicking on several products it was evident that careful time and thought had gone into creating this website. There was so much information in the product descriptions, blogs, and pages on the website. I also appreciated that the website focused on Delta 8 THC products, but also featured rare CBG products as well as popular CBD items. The name D8 THC Shop was a little off-putting at first as I wasn’t sure they only sold Delta-8 THC products, but all it took was a light browse to see the sheer volume of products available on this website discover. I really enjoyed the high of the Delta-8 THC capsules and look forward to trying other Delta-8 THC products on their website.

What are some of your favorite Delta-8 THC products? Have you tried anything else on the D8 THC Shop website? Share your experience in the comments and let us know how you really feel! If you are skeptical about trying Delta-8 THC for the first time, or have questions about a first person experience, please feel free to contact us via email. We’re happy to answer your questions in depth, and look forward to helping you understand and enjoy a powerful Delta-8 THC high whenever you’re ready! As one of the highest ranking review sites in the country, we are confident that our expertise and experience can help Delta-8 THC and CBD users of all levels. Check back soon for a Delta-8 THC from Two-Hawk Hemp Co., where we’ll be reviewing their Delta-8 THC cartridges and tinctures!


Beth Edmonds