Dates for fundamental care obtainable


Do you need a marijuana card with no prior records? Book basic care

If patients don’t have documentation to obtain a medical marijuana card, they can now schedule an appointment with us for primary care. Once seen, patients will have records to see another doctor for their medical marijuana card consultation.

This ensures that patients don’t go to the doctor just to be able to use marijuana. Patients can leave our clinic with a family doctor to call in the future, along with confirmation that they can receive a medical marijuana card in the mail from the state.

Patients have now been screened for high blood pressure and other health problems before seeing our marijuana specialists. Some of them are given prescribed medication and follow-up instructions to help them and prevent previously undiagnosed comorbidities from getting worse.

Same day treatment

Visits to primary care can take place on the same day as a consultation with a marijuana card. This means that when you visit, you can still go in and out with a medical cannabis license. Patients without prior health care visits can now depart with a medical marijuana card permit.

Time to plan

Dr. Roman currently sees primary care patients Monday through Wednesday from 10 a.m., but medical marijuana card consultations don’t begin until 1 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays. Patients attempting to be seen for primary care and medical marijuana on the same day should book as late in the day as possible for their primary care appointment.

The cost of appointments in primary care is only $ 65.


Beth Edmonds