Delta 8 Syringes, the Best Vape Ban Workaround


We’ve been talking about it for over a month, and this month the US mail vape ban went into effect. Luckily, the world is full of ingenuity, and as an answer to recent events, a new way of using cannabis has taken root. Delta 8 syringes are an inventive vape ban workaround.

Are you familiar with the THC that’s not as psychoactive as delta-9, but with the same general medical benefits? Delta-8 is gaining popularity now, and we’re committed to bringing you the best products available. Mail ban or not, we’ve got tons of awesome products, like delta 8 syringes, so check out these great delta-8 THC deals, and get started with the ‘other’ THC.

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The vape ban

A quick recap of why this is happening at all. In December, former president Donald Trump signed off on The Omnibus Appropriations and Coronavirus Relief Package bill, a piece of sprawling omnibus legislation which involves tons of unattached provisions for things completely unrelated to the corona pandemic. Like the Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act, which was wedged into this bill. What does this act do? It institutes a high level of regulation to the tobacco vaping industry, ending all mail shipments by USPS, as well as FedEx, UPS, and DHL which all agreed to participate.

Technically, no private carrier is banned from carrying products, but if the regulatory process is too costly, and a carrier cannot afford it, they won’t be able to provide this service. How USPS will go about things has not been released, but it is possible the government mail agency will carry vape products after strict guidelines can be uniformly implemented. USPS will give a final rule about how it will conduct itself in the future by the end of the month.

This is not an actual ban, however. The use, production, and sale of these products was in no way outlawed, but, in order to send them through the mail, any company must submit to a high – overbearing – amount of regulation, which is untenable for many product and shipping companies. In order for a company to send products through the mail, it must use a private delivery service that collects a signature at the point-of-receipt by an adult, as well as check about a million other boxes including registering with the attorney general, ATF, and all tax-collecting agencies in every place of business, walking all packages in by foot, using correct tax stamps, applying sales and excise taxes, and collecting information on customers to report to the government, among other things.

To be fair, it’s not all that weird for the government to regulate an industry. However, there are privacy protections that are in place to ensure no overstepping is done, like the 1974 Privacy Act laid out by the Department of Justice, which USPS functions off of, according to their own site. While there are 12 exceptions to this privacy rule, it is highly debatable that the reasoning for this mail ban requires such a privacy break. This mail ban may very well end in court, or need to be changed and downgraded from where it is now.

It is, perhaps, the extreme level of regulation that seems off in the end, as if vape juice was deadly material. It should be remembered that some of the specifications of business owners is to collect and report on the products being purchased by consumers and in what quantity. And this along with customer ages, and other personal information. Some might say that these mail restrictions are posing a danger to personal privacy, while offering no actual protection for anything.

If you’re now wondering what this has to do with cannabis products, the answer is that due to the 2008 Federal Law for Control of Tobacco Products bill, cannabis products are lumped right in with tobacco products, so this ban also hurts the transport of all cannabis vape products. CBD products and newer inventions like delta-8 THC, are expected to be hit very hard by this new institution of regulation.

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Why is this happening?

According to the government, its to protect children. Of course, to anyone paying attention, who can see through a smear campaign, this logic is flawed at best, and dangerously backwards at worst. So far, according to the CDC, there have, in America, been 68 confirmed deaths related to vapes since the inception of vaping in the early 2000’s up until February 2020. There have also been 2,807 hospitalizations in that time. For the most part, deaths and hospitalizations aren’t even related to tobacco or cannabis products (or herbal healing or vitamin products that can also be vaped). Damage seems to be caused by additives like vitamin E acetate.

On the other hand, 480,000+ people die from smoking every year, including 41,000 that die of second-hand smoke. Ever heard of someone dying from secondhand vaping? Didn’t think so! Since no anti-smoking campaign ended smoking, and every year, tens of thousands of people start smoking habits, it seems that in order to protect people, pushing them toward vaping is the solidly safer idea.

68 deaths over approximately 15 years vs 480,000+ deaths every year consistently, is a silly comparison to make. Obviously vaping is the better option. The only regulation that should have been instituted in order to actually protect people, was for the chemicals used in vape products to be verified as safe. This did not happen, and instead, regulation was put in to slow down the process of sending products through the mail. What seems like the much likelier reason for such regulation – since nothing was outlawed, is the government trying to recoup lost tax revenue from an industry that managed to get by without it.

Of course, once again, where the regulation is needed, it’s not being applied. This Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act, comes as an update to the PACT act, which worked to initially close tax holes in the tobacco industry at the inception of tobacco regulation. While it might seem logically like tobacco has been regulated in the US for a long time, this is not the case, and in fact, only became a regulated industry in 2008. The PACT act was known as a way to maximize tax profits by setting up regulation systems.

Perhaps what makes the government give the line of safety, is that the government doesn’t have a right to implement such high regulation which impedes personal privacy, without a large threat. Think of all the smear campaigns for vaping right now. Think of how these low death numbers – like 68 – are being used to incite fear, despite the fact that their comparative number is 480,000 deaths a year from cigarettes. The number of cigarette-related deaths, by the way, is brought to you by the CDC, the same agency that thinks its wise to call 68 deaths in about 15 years from vaping, an epidemic.

Delta 8 syringes as the best vape ban workaround

Luckily, the cannabis industry tends to stay a foot ahead, and even as the vape ban was being prepared, retailers were already investigating another way to sell products. And the new answer to the vape ban is another method of consumption that doesn’t involve smoking. One thing to remember, is that people chose to go to vaping themselves. It was known practically instantly that it was safer, probably because less damage is felt by the smoker.

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