Edibles reinvented: Why nano-gums are the proper pair for vacation traditions


The holiday season is just around the corner. While a bottle of wine is the usual gift for someone hosting Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or any other festive gathering, there is another thoughtful option: nano-foods.

Cannabis is a great addition to your holiday traditions without worrying about things getting a little too festive – or the misery the next morning. Nano foods are a discreet, mellow alternative that’s perfect for soft buzzing and lively conversations.

Here’s why nano foods like Select Nano Gummies are the perfect addition to your vacation gatherings, whether they’re personal or remote.

Quick-to-use edibles for a party-friendly atmosphere

You may have nibbled on a brownie before a holiday dinner and then hurriedly stepped out when the edible hit a little late – and a little too hard. This is because with conventional foods, the THC doesn’t hit your system until after digestion, potentially delaying the effects for hours. Because of the way your body absorbs THC after digestion, the dramatic beginning can feel like a sucker.

Nano foods work differently. With nanoemulsion Technology Select infuses tiny, water-soluble cannabinoids into its gums – unlike traditional foods that use fat-soluble cannabinoids. This means you don’t have to wait for your digestion to “start” things. Therefore, they usually take 15 to 20 minutes. The high itself is closer to smoking or vaping.

The nanoemulsion makes a party-friendly edible that is easy to dose and maintain, for a cool mood and no sudden knockouts.

Discretion when collecting families

If you’re usually a smoker or a vaper, you know that family reunions aren’t always the best time to get aj or a pen out, especially if not everyone in your life agrees. Not everyone can be around smoke (including children), and odor residue on your clothes can give you away. Steam is also noticeable if you don’t go outside first. You don’t have to take your Stoner cousin for a walk – edibles are easy to use without any cunning.

Easy to share experiences, in person or online

At this point, Zoom’s happy hour is a familiar experience – and doesn’t feel particularly festive. When they’re over, you’re alone and drunk.

Enter fast acting nano foods. Since you don’t wait forever for their effects, they can simply be used together on a call. If you switch it to nano food, you and your loved ones can share a new experience together, and they make for a really great and creative game night.

Bonus: Nobody gets sloppy in front of the camera.

Endurance all season

No matter how much you love your family, your partner’s family, and the chosen family, the vacation with everyone can be … a lot. Add in a hangover (or an embarrassing scene here and there) and things will only get harder. But it still helps to have something to keep things interesting!

Nano foods are perfect: you can go easy on the eggnog and stay cheerful at every gathering or Zoom call.

A better gift

Do you know what goes well with socks (and pretty much everything)? Nano foods. Surprise your adult loved ones this year with a practical bag of Select Nano Gummies – they easily fit into almost any stocking size, but offer an experience that is much bigger than the standard price for small gifts.

Vacation shoppers in Oregon, Florida, Arizona, and other states can find Select Nano Gummies at their nearest pharmacy.

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Beth Edmonds