Elevation Gain: Leafly’s Guide to the Best High Altitude Hikes in Arizona


You can spend your day taking in the amazing views around the famous Grand Canyon Skywalk, but it wouldn’t do much justice to other hiking areas in Arizona – with their own natural beauty and charm. And when you combine these breathtaking hikes with some mind-altering cannabis, you’ll soar high above the sandstone and arid desert plains of Copper State.

So stock up on your favorite flavors and discover a brand new base as you explore Arizona’s many fantastic high altitude hikes.

Flatiron via Siphon Draw Trail – Lost Dutchman State Park

If you’re looking for a hike with that typical Arizona feel, hit the Flatiron via the Siphon Draw Trail. Recommended for intermediate hikers, encounter beautiful desert wildflowers like white poppies and owl clover before reaching the summit, where you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of Greater Phoenix and Lost Dutchman State Park. Take a breather upstairs with the perfect pre-roll in hand.

difficulty: Heavy

distance: 5.5 miles

Gain in height: 3,097 feet

Product pairing: An uplifting pre-roll to add to the spectacular views. Grab a pack of Huxton HiFi pre-rolls and get ready to shine over an incredible landscape.

Mooney Falls and Havasu Falls – Havasupai Indian Reservation

Due to the popularity of this trail, you will need a permit before embarking on this impressive multi-day hike. Havasu Falls is a pristine desert oasis amid the rugged Arizona wilderness. From the gigantic 200-foot Money Waterfall to the not-so-secret rock shelter hiding behind Havasu, hang around for a while and soothe your tired muscles with a dip in the pool and a sweet cannabis treat.

difficulty: Moderate

distance: 21 miles

Gain in height: 4,514 feet

Product pairing: Edibles come in handy when they go a long way. Pop some of YiLo’s cute cherry tootsies for a discreet but delicious potency kick.

Broken Arrow Trail – Coconino National Forest

Just because this hike is short doesn’t mean it lacks spectacular views and breathtaking scenery. The Broken Arrow Trail leads to Chicken Point, where you have the opportunity to see both the Twin Buttes and the vast mountain wilderness of Mund. With Arizona’s colorful rock formations and seasonal greens, plan this hike around sunset to bask in the glow of the fading sun highlighting a rainbow landscape.

difficulty: Easy

distance: 3 miles

Gain in height: 325 feet

Product pairing: A handy vape pen that can be used throughout the trail. Check out the Arizona Natural Selections Citrus Sap Oil Cartridge for an uplifting and creative kick that compliments the gorgeous Broken Arrow views.

Antelope Canyon – Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park

Arguably one of the most unique and breathtaking hikes in all of North America, Antelope Canyon, and while not far away, this trail should be high on every adventure lover’s list. Near the border of Arizona and Utah, Antelope is a colorful and visually mesmerizing slot canyon that was surprisingly kept under lock and key. Bring your camera – you’ll want to snap a picture of the inner sandstone as you explore the sun-drenched pathways.

difficulty: Easy

distance: 0.6 miles

Gain in height: 118 feet

Product pairing: A joint filled with the delicious Hybrid Gelato from Exotics by Berner to reinforce this impressive trail. Take a train before entering Slot Canyon for a fascinating and mind-expanding adventure.

Devil’s Bridge Trail – Coconino National Forest

The Devil’s Bridge Trail is punctuated by beautiful prickly pear cacti and breathtaking views and is always a profitable hike. The more adventurous can climb the Devil’s Bridge, the largest stone arch in the Sedona area, for better sights and traversing a famous natural wonder. This hike fills up fast so get there early before the crowds and try to get to the top at sunrise for an extra magical experience.

difficulty: Moderate

distance: 3 miles

Gain in height: 400 feet

Product pairing: A bowl full of stimulating sativa to maximize those incredible views. Pack a Sour Diesel pipe from Sunday Goods and you are ready for an amazing trip.

Plateau Point on the Bright Angel Trail – Grand Canyon National Park

You’ll be rewarded with views of the sparkling Colorado River as you ride the Bright Angel Trail to Plateau Point, and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported over land and time as you navigate switchbacks and miles of unspoilt views Country. Aside from a few breaks every 1.5 miles, you’ll experience Grand Canyon National Park in all of its rocky splendor without the distraction of the natural surroundings.

difficulty: Moderate

distance: 10.7 miles

Gain in height: 3,356 feet

Product pairing: A natural edible to help you tackle those switchbacks. Grab some Honey Sticks from Vital V to rethink your mind and enhance the sights.

Reavis Ranch – superstition wilderness

Walk this trail in the fall when the grass is green and the wild apples are starting to ripen. A beautiful trail through the Arizona countryside, Reavis Ranch is the perfect place to pitch your tent and spend a few nights under the stars. On this long but really fascinating hike you will pass meadows, gorges, forests and plains.

difficulty: Moderate

distance: 24.5 miles

Gain in height: 4,560 feet

Product pairing: A preloaded cartridge within easy reach. Combine your vape battery with the euphoric Hybrid Tangerine Dream from KIND Concentrates.

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