Epsom salt and its advantages for hashish crops


Growing cannabis can be an exciting experience with so much to learn and understand about the plant. Caring for the plant is a crucial responsibility of any grower to ensure a good quality yield. The best way to ensure that you are harvesting heavy and strong buds is to have all of the necessary nutrients available in optimal environmental conditions.

One of the easiest ways to provide a competent nutritional cocktail is with organic dietary supplements. These compounds can enrich the soil with essential nutrition for the plant without causing side effects. Epsom salt is one such popular natural supplement for the cannabis plant that holds promise for healthy growth.

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is a coarse variety found in health and beauty products that we use on a daily basis. It is useful as an exfoliator, pain reliever, and cold and flu treatment. But did you know that Epsom salt is actually the common name for magnesium sulfate? This natural supplement was first discovered in a small town in England called Epsom, where locals used it to treat constipation for several centuries.

Epsom salt

Several others over the years Properties and benefits of salt have come to light and now find a special place not only in health and wellness products, but also in gardening. Here we will examine the relationship between Epsom salts and cannabis plants, and how the compound can improve plant health.

Why use Epsom salts for cannabis?

So what makes Epsom salts a miracle Connection for your cannabis plant?

Magnesium is an essential micronutrient required to support the absorption of essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for your cannabis plant. Together, these nutrients play a crucial role in influencing the size, strength, yield and most importantly, the effectiveness of your plant. So next time you buy a high quality concentrate like SativaRemember, it came from a well-fed cannabis plant.

Similarly, sulfur also plays a vital role in boosting the plant’s immune system. It is actively involved in the essential functions of the plant, including enzyme production and water circulation. Sulfur is also important to protect the plant from environmental stress.

If your plant is exposed to a magnesium deficiency, it will show signs of yellowing leaves with green veins. Yellowing usually starts at the bottom of the canopy before spreading to the rest of the plant. Using Epsom salts at this point can be beneficial as it can provide the soil the necessary amounts of magnesium to support plant growth.

Benefits of Epsom salts for cannabis

Aside from Epsom salts’ ability to increase food intake, there are few other benefits to choosing this incredible supplement for your cannabis plant.

1. It won’t pollute the floor.

One of the most common problems with using minerals and supplements is that they build up. It could pollute the floor with an overdose of specific compounds. However, Epsom salt can easily dissolve in the medium, making it ideal for hydroponic systems. That way, you don’t have to worry about blocking the plant’s roots, which could obstruct the nutritional pathway. Also, unlike chemical supplements, Epsom salt does not contaminate the soil, making it an environmentally friendly ally of your cannabis plant.

Cannabis leaves

2. It’s inexpensive

If you are Growing cannabis On a large scale, the cost of nutritional supplements needs to be carefully weighed to ensure you are making a worthwhile investment. Epsom salt is a cheap and readily available alternative to several other nutritional supplements, making it a budget-friendly choice for your grow.

3. It supports seed production and germination

It is known that sulfites in the soil damage the root system and cause stunted growth and nutrient deficiencies in cannabis plants. Epsom salts’ ability to remove sulfites from media makes it an important compound to aid in a healthy planting and germination process. It can increase the germination rate and promote healthy seed formation for breeding.

4. It increases chlorophyll formation

Chlorophyll is the essential compound for every plant to absorb the sunlight necessary for photosynthesis. Magnesium from Epsom salts supports the basic structure of chlorophyll compounds in the plant to aid growth.

How do I use Epsom salts?

The general rule of thumb for Epsom salt dosing is to add about 1 tablespoon for every 5 liters of water. Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle and spray the plants every three days towards the end of the day to avoid minor burns. This ratio is suitable for seedlings and during germination. You can add this mixture to the soil for mature plants.

Mixture of Epsom salts and cannabis plant seeds

The same ratio applies to hydroponic systems if you want to use it through a foliar spray. Alternatively, you can add about two tablespoons per 5 liters directly to the system.

How much is too much

Too much Epsom salt can clog your plant and lead to nutrient deficiencies. So start with a low concentration and stick to the recommended dosage limits. Avoid using Epsom salts for a healthy plant as it may add no value.


Using farm-grade Epsom salts on your cannabis plant can be an effective way to revive healthy nutrient circulation in the system. It can provide the ideal levels of sulfur and magnesium to improve plant health and influence a strong soil base for profitable growth and yield. Make sure you are using the salt in just the right amounts for the best benefits.

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