Everything you need to know about CBD bath bombs


Image courtesy of Caliva.

This bath bomb comes from those who want to turn a blind eye. If you have an overactive inner monologue, we recommend giving it Kush Queen – sleep one try.


Lavender- This is the superfood of the plant world. Although it has been used for centuries, nowadays we see it most commonly in essential oil vials and beauty products. Lavender is known to help us relax. In aromatherapy, deep breathing is encouraged, which enhances the already relaxing properties. Perfect for a bath bomb, don’t you think?

Citrus Reticulata- When we think of citrus fruits, words like “revitalize” and “energize” come to mind. There’s a reason for that. Citrus fruits, filled with vitamin C, among other things, are often used to fight diseases, like the average cold. It’s easy to get sick if you don’t wear the right clothes in winter, but did you know that when we feel stressed, our defenses weaken? In case you needed another excuse to take the bath you crave, the answer is in this oil.

Origanum Majorana- You may never have heard of this plant and frankly it’s a shame. This little guy is full of inhibitory properties that have been used in various practices. This antimicrobial flower kicks your butt while giving you more resources. When working in demanding conditions it is worth considering how to incorporate this natural ingredient.

All of these components, combined with equal parts of THC and CBD, will surely help you find them

zzz’s. That’s the goal, isn’t it?


Beth Edmonds